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Our First Turkish Thinkers, 600-1000, annotated


ORHUN INSTRUCTIONS Turkistan Mongolia Mongolia Inscription With the hope that these monuments will remain in the inscriptions forever, “Bengü Taşlar” TONYUKUK first 646-724 Turkistan Mongolia Mongolia Inscription (Turkish Khan), I myself, Bilge Tunyukuk, (brought) the Turkish people to the land of Ötüken. hasan b.paksoy

BİLGE KAĞAN 683-734 Turkistan Mongolia Mongolia Inscription (I), like God (and) Turkish Wise Hakan hasan b.paksoy http://gokturkkanitlari.appspot.com/Tonyukuk http://gokturkanitlari.appspot.com/Tonyukuk http://www.simurg.com.tr/tr-tr/urun/dilbilim/169368/en-eski-turkce-nin-izlerinde-orhun-ve-yenisey-yazitlari-uzerine-

KÜLTİGİN INscription 684-731 Turkistan Mongolia Mongolia Inscription”Kültigin in sheep year

EBU HANIFE 699-767 Mesopotamia Kufa IRAQ Islam If what I don’t know was under my feet, my head would touch the highest floor of the sky. those who gave us direction, the gentle grandfather


CABIR BIN HAYYAN first 721-815 Khorasan Tus, Iran IRAN Chemistry “Dominate Chemistry,

IBN TÜRK EL-CEYLÎ ………..-847 Transoxiana Ceyl Mathematics Türk

MERUZÎ ………-869 Khorasan Merv, Turkmenistan Turkmenistan Mathematics First trigonometric ratios, sine, cosine, conant,

MUSA EL HAREZMİ first 780-850 Transoxiana Khiva, Uzbekistan UzbekistanMathematics,


IMAM BUHARI first 810-870 Transoxiana Bukhara,

SAİT BİN KURRA first 821-901 Mesopotamia Urfa, Turkey Turkey Islam First anesthesia practitioner. those who guide us, alatlı http://www.kimdirnedir.com/sabit-bin-kurra-

İMAM TIRMİSİ 824-892 Maveraünnehir Tirmiz,

İMAM MATURİDİ first 852-944 Transoxiana Samarkand, UzbekistanIslamic reason and faith guide us, alatlı http: //www.bilgelerzirvesi.org/tr/imam-maturidi-international-symposium-

FARABI first 872-951 Transoxiana Farab (Otrar), Kazakhstan Kazakh Philosophy Farabi “Philosophy Lessons in Transoxiana” are our guides,


EBU’L-MAHMUD EL-HOCENDÎ ………-1000 Transoxiana Hocend (Khujand) Tajikistan Tajikistan Mathematician who discovered Fermat’s Theorem 700 years before Fermat. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abu-Mahmud_Khojandi http://www.encyclopedia.com/doc/1G2-2830902295.html http://www.forumhane.net/sayisal-dersler/42420-

EBU’ L-VEFA ELBUZCANÎ 940 – 998 Khorasan Buzhgan, Iran Iran Mathematics, Astronomy Harezmi significantly improved his discoveries in mathematics and geometry. He especially focused on the relations between geometry and algebra https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ab%C5 %AB_al-

EL BIRUNI first 973-1048 Transoxiana Kas, Khwarezm, Iran Iran Astronomy, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Geography and History El Biruni “A Universal Genius” those who guide us, alatlı

IBN SINA was the first 980-1037 Transoxiana Bukhara, Uzbekistan Medical Man, Physicist, Writer, Philosopher and Scientist. Ibn-i Sina “The Ruler of Medicine”, those who guide us, alatlı http://dergiler.ankara.edu.tr/dergiler/26/1246/14247.pdf el-İşârât ve’t-Tenbîhât, one of the most important and influential philosophers of history It is one of the last works of Ibn Sînâ that he wrote chronologically. Considering the commentaries and annotations on it, it can easily be said that it is the most influential work of the author on the Islamic world. Written in a very concise style, the work in which the principles and propositions of philosophy will be discussed in the introduction, starts with the science of logic and continues with physics.Undoubtedly, the most important work of this corpus is metaphysics, which examines existence in terms of being. This work, which has been one of the most important sources of high-level metaphysical research until today, is the author of Fatih Sultan Mehmed.


DEMİR BABA 1100 s Rumeli Deliorman, Bulgaria Bulgaria Sufi Gönül and

MAHMUD KAŞGARLI first 1008-1105 Turkestan Kashgar, East Turkestan China Dil Kasgarli

YUSUF HAS HACIB first Politics 1017-1077 Turkistan Balasagistan Yusefistan Kyrgyzstan Has Hacib “The essence of man is gone, his name remains” to us

NİZAMÜLMULK 1018-1092 Khorasan Tus, Iran Iran
Political Name Those who guide us, the founder of the country’sorders,

EN NESEFI 1047-1115 Transoxiana Nasef, Tajikistan Tajikistan Islam those who guide us, alatlı http://webarchive.loc.gov/lcwa0001/20011115161716/http://www.mfa.gov.tr/grupe/e

SHEIKH YUSUF HEMEDANI 1048-1140 Khorasan Hamadan, Iran, Iran Islam “Your teachers

OMER HAYYAM 1048-1131 Khorasan Nishapur, Iran Iran Philosophy, Mathematics, Astronomy

GAZZALI 1058-1111 Khorasan Tus, Iran Iran Islam Body is the land of the heart. In this country,

ABDULKADİR GEYLANİ 1077-1166 Iran Gilan Iranian Scholar, Sufi, Philosopher of Islam During the Great Seljuk State, in the province of Gilan on the shores of the Caspian Sea in present-day Iran, in 1077 (470 A.H.), the scholar and mystic of the Kadiriye sect.

AHMET YESEVI first 1093-1166 Transoxiana Yesi, KazakhstanKazakhstan Sufi “Hodja Ahmet Yesevi “A Star in the Sky of Central Asia” “”May my wisdom be heard by the veal (scholar) Let my word be enough for the epic kilib.”” “muharrem.sevil @ trt.net.tr http ://lutfibergen.blogcu.com/horasan-erenleri/7625403 http://www.tefekkurdergisi.com/Yazi-

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