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Ömür Öztürk, Turkish Best Seller Sufi Author

Dervish Consolation Collection
99 Consolations from East to West
Mecit Omur Ozturk

It will be a pleasure for qualified readers to discover the Derviş’s Consolation Collection, which I recommend to my clients and receive very productive feedback, before it has taken its place at the top of the bibliotherapy lists of the future.”
-Expert Psychologist İsmail Kılınç

The dervish, who has gone through sad days, stops on an island in the world of dreams. What he sees is miraculous. Prophets, saints, scholars and philosophers are sitting in a circle and apparently waiting for someone. Dervish stops to wait with them, but it doesn’t take long for him to realize that he is the main guest. He sits in the place shown to him in the middle of the ring and begins to listen to this luminous assembly, which will give consolation to all his sorrows.

Many heart doctors from Abdulkadir Geylani to Yunus Emre, from Imam Ghazali to Mevlana and Ibn Arabi on one side of the ring… On the other side of the ring, lovers of wisdom such as Socrates, Hegel, Kant, Kierkegaard, Spinoza and Schopenhauer... On the other hand, the pen connoisseur from Geothe to Gibran, from Tanpınar to Dostoyevsky, from Sadi Shirazi to Rilke and Proust, trying to relieve their pain in the magical world of words…

This ring of consolation is so wide that it seems that there is no sorrow that it cannot relieve, no pain that it cannot weaken, no trouble that it cannot make love. Words follow words, narratives follow narratives, consolations follow consolations. When the dervish awoke, not only did the sun rise, he also emerged from his inner darkness to the light.

Derviş’s Consolation Collection is a work that generously conveys the consolation accumulation that the east and the west have created over thousands of years to the wounded hearts. Consolation is not meant to numb the mind through thoughts, but to awaken the mind that chooses to sleep in the face of pain… Bringing together the ancient masters of consolation and the hearts in need of consolation is the reason for this book’s existence!




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