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Oil Pier, Golden Horn, Eminönü, Istanbul

Between 1956 and 1982, my father and uncle ran a restaurant in Eminönü on the land next to the Ahi Çelebi Mosque, as tenants of the mosque administration, for 26 years. Between 1976-1980, I worked as an apprentice in the restaurant during the summers.

Ahi Çelebi Mosque: “Evliya Çelebi, who is at the top of Turkish travelogues, was born in the Unkapanı district of Istanbul on March 25, 1611. Evliya Çelebi attributes the reason for his travels to a dream he had on the night of August 19, 1630.

According to this dream, Ahi Celebration near Yemiş Pier in Istanbul He sees the Prophet Muhammad with a large congregation in the Çelebi Mosque. instead of saying, “Travel, O Messenger of Allah!” Thereupon, the Prophet smiled and gave Evliya Çelebi the good news of intercession, travel and visit.

https://www.kitapyurdu.com/kitap/evliya-celebi-amp-dunyayi-gezen-seyyah/311698.html ** https://bulentagaoglu.blogspot.com/2020/12/degirmen-han.html


Located on the gate of Eminönü Ahi Celebi Mosque:
Yâ ze’l-jalâli ve’l-ikrâm
“O Allah, the Owner of Majesty and Bounty”

Grant us inner peace, goodness and success.
Amin ya Muin.


  • Eminönü (Oil Pier) – 1959 Photo : Ara Güler
  • By photographer Ara Güler, Eminönü -Oil Pier 1950 Water Melon
  • Eminonu oil pier. ( Berati Arıcan: Society of Lovers of Istanbul)
  • Workers waiting for work around Eminönü Oil Pier. Ara Güler 1954
  • 1959 HALIC Oil Pier… Ara Güler
  • Color Photo: Eminönü – Oil pier (Ara Güler, 1961)

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