Oguz Kagan

Oguz Khan, 234-174 BC

“I have become your Khan;
Let’s all take swords and shields;
Kut (divine power) will be our sign;
Gray wolf will be our uran (battle cry);
Our iron lances will be a forest;
Khulan will walk on the hunting ground;
More seas and more rivers;
Sun is our flag and sky is our tent.”

Our Founding Father, who, with his vision, brought the Oghuz Turks to the Danube, and transformed the Mediterranean into a Turkish lake.

Mission: “More sea, more eels (rivers) / Sun flag, sky kurikan (tent)”

Every place under the sky where the sun never sets is our home, our homeland; WORLD STATE

Vision: World State, Oghuz Union, Tradition

Competitor: CHINA

Oguz Kagan Epic

Oghuz Hand: Right Arm/Left Arm
Right Arm: Bozok (Günhan, Ayhan, Yıldızhan)
Left Arm: Üçok (Gökhan, Dağhan, Deniz Han)

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