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New Horizons In Neuromathematics

by Prof. Dr. İsmail Hakkı AYDIN, Professor of Neurosurgery

September 23, 2021
Where are the New Horizons?

New horizons are hidden in NeuroMathematics If only these horizons were always bright but not dark… In NeuroMathematics, it is necessary to sail towards new horizons, for the future, independence and stability of humanity, life and the Universe.

At the Gate of the Holistic Age

Yes… Everywhere is sodden Mathematics smells!

New horizons are hidden in NeuroMathematics… I wish these horizons were always bright but not dark… In NeuroMathematics, it is necessary to sail towards new horizons, for the future, independence and stability of humanity, life and the Universe… Not to disrupt or destroy life…

The order of the universe is Mathematics, and Mathematics symbolizes the art of thought with formulas, simplifies and makes it economical. Indeed, the simplest mathematical formulas are the most beautiful. In addition, Mathematics is laziness turned into a perfect and practical art. Anything that is accepted without being understood and that does not contain mathematics cannot be the subject of science. Where there is no mathematics, there is no science. So if you can’t measure what you do and what you think, you can’t do science!

Sufism is hidden in easy, sublime in difficulty. The fact that I have noticed this sublimeness in Mathematics also increases my amazement at NeuroMathematics every moment. For this reason, I chose Neurosurgery because it is a “very difficult path” and escaped to the “easy job”. Because Neurosurgery is a path that should be chosen not because it is easy, but because it is difficult. In addition, Neurosurgery is the surgical manifestation of an addictive and non-competitive hedonic life as a profession!

The brains I touched pushed me more into the fascinating world of numbers. I believe that new horizons are hidden in NeuroMathematics and that scientific studies in this field will be rewarded with the Nobel Prize in the next ten years. As a matter of fact, Mathematical Neuroscience Simulation Modeling opens up Quantic and Holistic new doors in understanding the brain, neuron, intelligence, memory, mind, logic, mind, consciousness and will.

Ethical and moral deviations in the dimension of NeuroMathematics, studies such as Transhuman, Cyborg, Klonoid, Genomics, Animoid and Humanoid are efforts to go beyond the normal biological structure with the aim of immortality, without realizing that they threaten or even destroy universal life. Again, I must state that although “Digital Immortality” is possible (2040-2045 years), “Digital Spirit” will not.

What is the language of Humanity? 

It should not be forgotten that Mathematics, which is not a science but the only infallible and infallible language of science, is also the language of humanity on a universal scale, like art.

Exclusively, Art is the common language of humanity and Mathematics is the common language of science.

Those who do not know mathematics cannot feel the beauties of life and cannot realize its artistic subtleties. Art, on the other hand, is an illusion from another point of view. Isn’t science a “must have” in life… What a wonderful phrase “Scientia et Amore Vitae” (Science and love for life)!

From Physics, Quantum, Holistic Universe, “Planck’s Constant”, particle movements, signals with small information packets, conductivity, insulator, atom, lepton, quark, wavelength, vibration, graviton, fermion, boson. We have given up on quantum and oscillation, in fact, it cannot even notice the subtleties of life and art. Mathematicians, too, want to abbreviate and formulate everything in the dimension of mathematics in order to better understand and express life, nature and events. Those who are ignorant of neuromathematics, no matter how hard they try, cannot enter the mysterious world of the brain and neurons, let alone the “Brain and Neuron Constants”, and are still stuck at the door.

What is the software of the Brain?

In fact, the way to fully understand the interaction of Mind and Intelligence is through NeuroMathematics. As a matter of fact, intelligence, which is the operating system of the brain, is the ability to produce short-term solutions to problems based on innate and acquired reflexes. The mind, on the other hand, is the software of the brain, which is like a hardware, and develops long-term solutions and plans for problems. In other words, the mind, which is the software of a hardware brain, is problem solving and planning in the long term, while intelligence in the operating system state is the short-term problem solving ability.

Mind behaves according to mathematics, intelligence according to reflexes. For this reason, the most important trait that makes a human “HUMAN” is neither the brain nor intelligence…
It is the mind. It is logic. It is thought!

All these activities are made possible by BrainMath and NeuroMath. In fact, NeuroMathematics is needed for “Thought Experiments” in the philosophical dimension. On the other hand, everything that is considered and happened in the case of different vibrations of energy has actually happened because it should have happened… Our emotions also create energy and, accordingly, a magnetic field.

Since our dreams are our destiny and our thinking is our future, it is necessary to tune our thoughts to the mathematical frequencies of our emotions, dreams, intentions, desires and minds.
This adjustment and synchronization is also the basis of success. Because NeuroMathematics acts as a filter and a calibration tool so that philosophical thought can become a science and gain functionality, meaning and value in general.
Any information and idea without a source is open to discussion. Otherwise, personal opinions binds the person and stays there!

What may have happened without Mathematics?

Although literature has the skill and art of attributing different meanings and imagination skills to words, it is not possible to reach the magic of numbers without mathematics. Without mathematics, perhaps literature, especially poetry/prosody, which is the epitome of love, could not have developed so much and interacted in such a universal art. Again, if there was no mathematics, Fuzuli’s;

“Dost bî perva, felek bi rahm, devran bî quiet.

There is a lot of trouble, there is no trouble, the enemy is kavî, the secondary zebûn!”
We could not even know the secret of the couplet. Of course, I couldn’t write so many books, poems, rubâis, or compose lyrics for compositions!

Currently, “Mathematics Modeling Studies” are carried out, analogy is developed, and workshops are held on “Mathematical Neuroscience Simulation Modeling” in the light of our scientific acquis and experience, taking into account the relationship between Mathematics and Neurobiology in many Universities and Research Centers of the World. Neuroscience, which can examine the connectivity of 38,000 neurons thanks to NeuroMathematics, has become aware that the whole system is important rather than the singularity, that everything gains meaning with the network it is in, and that new horizons can be reached in the Holistic Age from the perspective of diagnosis and treatment of “Theoretical Neuroscience”, again thanks to Mathematics.

However, it should not be forgotten that, in addition to the gains of both the Quantic and Holistic Ages, NeuroMathematics, and especially Gene and DNA Mathematics, can lead the vile and malicious “Scientists(!)” into dangerous waters that will turn the world’s life upside down. Because the fight between Adam and Iblis has always existed and will always exist. Because, with genetic codes, the CRISPR Cas9 method, the abuse of Gene Engineering and Technology methods, unnatural recklessness and madness, “normal life” under the name of “modernism” were destroyed, and Digitalism and “Antichrist” brought the Head! ” It can transform any living thing into any living thing under the name of “Mutation(!)”! After all, “Antichrist” is a life style without the “Hereafter”.

Thus, aside from the catastrophe of change in the vegetable and zoological worlds, the lineage of “Adam”, the representative of human life, who has already completed his biological evolution in line with the perfect human being and is the representative of human life, will also perish! Because by destroying his natural genetic codes, man loses the formulas of biological mathematics that have been going on for centuries and loses his humanity. Another fate should not be expected from a group that does not make an effort to be “human” and benefit from its humanity, does not sweat to understand rather than accept it, and does not even realize that the easiest and best way to find the truth is to eliminate the wrong.

In the meantime, Napoleon said, “Let them pray as much as they want. God is for the best artillery unit”, “I seek refuge in Allah from reckless resignation, inactionless prayer and vile seclusion!“I would also like to remind you how compatible it is with my aphorism.

Why the 17th Century is so important?

Although he is known as the “Charming Philosopher”, Francis Bacon (1561-1626), the author of “Novum Organum” (1620) and who said “Science is observation”, stated that social errors are usually due to tribes, caves, bazaars and theater idols (idols, false gods). How right he was!

After all, the way to understand society is to understand the individual. As a matter of fact, the 17th century is the century in which mathematics and therefore science and enlightenment took off in the west.

From Adam Smith (1723-1790), the architect of the Scottish Enlightenment, to “The Ignorant Philosopher Voltaire” (1694-1778), who taught Newton (1643-1727) to the French, “The God Drunk, Pantheist and Lonely Man, Baruch Spinoza” (1632-1677) ), Kant (1724-1804), Hegel(1771-1831), Schopenhaur (1788-1860), Nietzsche (1884-1900) and Popper(1902-1994) all in the context of freedom of conscience, thought, reason and religion. Didn’t they put it forward for this purpose and for the sake of life, which sometimes starts with an imperceptible detail and gains meaning. As a matter of fact, life sometimes starts with imperceptible details, details and subtleties that cannot be noticed and expresses meaning.

What Farabi and İbni Sina remind us?

Today, astrophysicists who talk about parallel universes, string theories, dark matter and energy, muon, the first explosion, black holes, the existence of many universes and that the Universe can oscillate between eternity and eternity, BrainMath, Mathematics of Mind and Thought, GenMath, NeuroMathematics, Nanoneurocantotechnological developments, and the Digital, Quantic and Holistic Age, from which we cannot escape, involuntarily reminds me,

“The universe is also eternal, God knows the whole, but does not know the part, the resurrection will not be both bodily and spiritual, but only spiritual!”

thought by  Farabi (870-950) and İbn-i Sina (980-1037), who were disbelieved by Ghazali (D. 1111). Come on, think about the rest!

Is Islamic World ignorant of the Qur’an?

But hey, scientists can have “lock-ins” from time to time, too! What can we do but to pity the plight of this “Islamic/Muslim World(!)” who is ignorant of the Qur’an, which is the book of this world rather than the Hereafter, and cannot show any sign of awakening from the sleep of heedlessness that has lasted for centuries!

Who would believe that “Right” and “Truth” would be manifested by these minds who are unaware or unwilling to be aware that working for a contribution to life is the only purpose in coming to this world… I always thought these Muslims were Muslims too!. How far can the supplications of a mob who do not read, do not understand what they read and insist on not understanding, without sweat, without effort and without action, reach…

***The sine qua non of being human is reason and thought. As being a sport, thought and thinking  are very important. Reading is even more important!***

Will Robots resemble Humans over time?

However, my unread books are the heaviest burden on my back that makes me uneasy! Those who say they have found it cannot find it, and those who say they can’t find it have actually found it. Also, after these people are like this, I don’t know if there is a need to make a “ROBOT”! Because at this rate, robots will resemble humans over time, and humans will resemble robots. Humanoid robots, which have completed their development, are right next to us and at our service in almost every field… Humans can have robots do everything, but they cannot invent robots and prostheses that can take pleasure and pleasure for themselves. Because the pleasure and excitement of being human has no technical or mediatic prosthesis.

Rather than urban transformation, a person who needs cerebral and mental transformation and turns the brain into the garbage dump of the Universe cannot realize why the cry of an ant is stronger than the roar of a lion, why does he run after an “Artificial Human” rather than a “Heart” to take shelter and a more prosperous life? … It is impossible to understand. The greatest danger is man himself!

Nanorobots integrated into the body will transform the body into a “cyborg” and make it controllable. Thus, the battlefields and fronts of the future will be minds and bodies! Cloning is unfortunately the last stage in life, in which the body is reduced to its concrete and genetic formula and condemned to serial division and multiplication as a “toy”. When we say digital data banking, digital fascism and digital dictatorship, the “Data Wars” have already begun…

On the other hand, science, which has rolled up its sleeves to add three billion more bases to the six billion DNA bases at the cellular level, is trying to descend into our “gene well” with the rope of “NeuroMathematics”! When I descend into this well, I predict whether it will come out or not, but I cannot reveal it out of fear… Because even estimating the extent of the disaster that will occur is frightening! Indeed, it is impossible to distinguish a very advanced technology from magic.

Why Mathematics?

Well… Why do I dwell on Mathematics so much? I write books and articles, give lectures, seminars, conferences, make television programs, Brain Mathematics, DNA and Gene Mathematics, Mind and Thought Mathematics, Neuron Mathematics… Because the past, present and future are in mathematics… Because, the language of the universe, the language of science is optimal. Mathematics, which is a system… Because everything has an algorithm. Each algorithm is also mathematically structured, established, knotted, glazed, and can be solved with mathematics. For him, unknown horizons will be discovered with Mathematics. Because whatever was created in the Universe was created on Mathematics for him. Because the first thing to be created is Mathematics for him (Qur’an, Surat al-Qamar, verse 49)…


As usual, let’s end with a few aphorisms and a ruba composed by HH Amir Ateş in Nihavend mode (I’m in love, we always feel love).

* There is no one left that the media and the internet have not corrupted the morality of science.

* I do not complain about my problem to anyone. even to Allah…

*As the prefrontal cortex developed, so did injustice and fraud.

*Sweat! Not language…

*There is a “Truth” that falsifies every “True”!

*Most major failures are the result of neglect of a small detail.

* Every job left unfinished is a piece of success.

*Who said that electromagnetic weapons and waves do not cause tsunami, rain, storm, tornado, hurricane, earthquake etc…

*The one who can see what will happen is “ABDAL”, the one who does not see what will happen is “STOP”, and the one who does not see what is going to happen is “THE WILD”.

* Needs should be determined in the light of rational and conscientious rules, not according to selfish desires. Otherwise, they cease to be needed.

* It is impossible to distinguish a very advanced technology from magic.

*With attention, concentration and repetition, the brain and subconscious are programmable!

*Look at being the subject of a novel, not writing a novel!

* I neither discuss what I know, nor what I don’t know…

* Thinking is a deep art of speech.

* The art of thinking, like ignorance, is possible through education.

* An engineer is one who is aware of his work at all times.

*I can’t stand teaching!

*Oh, this is my memory! I can’t forget these useless information even if I wanted to…

* Is it necessary for the administrators to be chosen from the laziest students of the schools?

*Memory is an element of intelligence.

* Ignorance sometimes makes life easier.

* For success, it is necessary to remind the day and the brain about dreams and ideals every morning.

* Emotions create personal energy and magnetic field.

*Everything happens because it should happen.

* Your dream is your future, your thought is your destiny.

*The rules of the “Superatomic World” are called Physics, and the rules of the “Subatomic World” are called Quantum!

* A person is arrogant in proportion to his humility!

* The effort of those who have no wonder is futile!

* The most dangerous disease is to fall in love with someone other than its owner!

*Behind every reason, there is a bigger reason.

* I do not believe that the non-believer does not believe.

*Don’t believe it! Don’t make a source!

*Islam; It commands life to be useful, it forbids being harmful! (bans)!

*There is a special chemical scent cocktail specific to every living thing!

*Oh! Darling! I don’t read your letters. I’m so afraid that if I read it, it will end soon.

*Quantum reveals the secrets and oddities of Physics.

*Where theory ends, engineering begins!

* Knowing what we know and what we don’t know is a great virtue, not knowing what we don’t know is the biggest mistake…

*Artificial Intelligence will be able to do anything except “being human”. Even science…

*The best explanation of Quantum Biology is hidden in the “migration of birds”…

*Quantum Mechanics is the Physics of Life.

* Chemical molecules play music with signals for our nose because atoms and bonds do not stay comfortable!

* A person’s worth is determined by what he can do.

*No need to build a robot! After you’re in this head…

* You are the last generation to think free. Appreciate and appreciate!

*Our excitement can now be controlled and controlled remotely…

* The one who seeks to save the day loses his life.

*In some meetings, what is spoken outside the meeting is more important than what is spoken.

*I carry my own coffin, as far as I can take!

* The one who drowns life, people, country, nation, science, honest and scholars to dishonest, ignorant and oppressors, sold out, sycophant, charlatan, impostor, jester,

I refer hypocrites and traitors to Allah!

*The older brain is more flexible, more tolerant, more intellectual, more thoughtful, more emotional, more determined, more lonely, and more creative.

*Loneliness is addictive!

*The secret of life lies in Quantum!

* There is proof in science, not in faith!

*Science does not happen with “she-code”!

*When I’m most tired is when I’m not tired at all!

*Human is not an “Organ Market”!

*With “New Human”, breast milk is on the shelves…

*The wombs for rent, the resurrection of slavery with the “New Man”…

* At this rate, the “greedy person” who surrendered to capitalism will turn his DNA into money!

*The entity called human is not only a biological and molecular entity, nor is it only a psychological and sociological entity!

*Man is fed and grows with his eyes, ears, brain, tongue and pen!

*Don’t believe everything I write and say!

*Man is human with his feelings.

*Art is the reflection of the inner world of man.

*Nationalism is the poison in the connectivity of “Life”!

*QR coded tombstones, everywhere…

*Possibilities are infinite.

*The closer I get, the farther I get!

*Science is not acceptance, it is effort and sweat to understand!

*The easiest and cheapest way to be reputable(!) and rich(!) is to be a traitor!

* The biggest obstacle in front of science is politics, and support is also…

*The most addictive art is “Science”!

*How adept at transforming love into hate!

* While giving a lot of healing, a person should spare a little for himself!

* The provision of the eternal decree to the eternal decree is null and void.

* Where can I find a cure, so many incurable troubles…

* The blood of the martyr, holy. The ink of the scholar is even more sacred…

*As soon as the ungrateful “hand” gets it, he breaks the hand holding his hand first!

* When the interface of the grandfathers is transferred to the brains of the grandchildren, the exams are dusty.

*It’s useless to fly without understanding the logic of “Logic”ut Tayr…

*The most important index in science is not the “h index”, but the index “how many students have you trained who are much better than yourself and can fly with their own propeller”!

*The impostor is the sycophant’s sycophant, the sycophant is the crook’s crook!

* Rather than substance addicts, addicts of much more dangerous positions, positions and authorities need treatment urgently!

*The root cause of evil is ignorance!

*My “Ah” belongs to “O Wow”!

Composition :Amir ATEŞ
Lyrics : Prof. Dr. İsmail Hakkı AYDIN
Position: Nihavend
Vezin: Failatün, Failatün, Failatün, Failün

I am in love, love always passes through our hearts.
Blood flows from my tears that I shed.
I wait for my Hicran from the
roses of every spring, A fairy Leyla passes through every rose bud I see.



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