Nationality and Language

Hello my dear friend, when we examine the relationship between nationality and language and religion, we see that the main thing is language. The language is one, but the religions are various within the nationality, for example, the Turks are involved in around seven religions. We are involved in Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Shamanist, Judaism and other religions.

But our language is one; Turkish. This language includes words from other languages. Arabic and Persian do not count. Because the Turks have established empires and there are various tribes in these empires. There are also quotations and quotations from their language. After all, they are all in Turkish.

Now, when we look at the political Islamists in Turkey, there is an uneasiness about Turks and Turkish. This is where you need to get down to the basics. In this respect, the main thing is their nationality and language.

See you soon, my friend.

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