My Dear Turkey

By Ms. Nino Beradze, Georgian writer

It is easy to notice the differences when you come to a foreign country. My Turkey, where I have lived for about 16 years, has now become a part of my life. The 16 years I spent with bitter and sweet, left a deep and tremendous mark on this country in my heart.

I worked in many jobs and even started my own business. Until the covit epidemic in 2019. I had to make a decision that wasn’t easy. I was going to either go to my hometown or to Europe. Then of course I decided and went to Europe. I had changed a country again, but this time, this country change, which was different from the others, created a huge void inside me.

The circumstances I was in caused me to leave, but a piece of my heart still remained in Turkey.

I certainly and certainly cannot denigrate Europe, because each country has its own standards and beauties. But I don’t think there is another country in this world with friendly people like Turkey.

When I came to Europe as a Georgian citizen, I first searched for a Turkish market. When I saw Turkish speakers on the streets, I followed them with joy.

In the first days when I stepped into Europe, I had traveled everywhere and thought that there were magnificent places with their nature, beauty and quality.

Everything was of the highest quality. But I don’t know why I realized that his energy seemed very cold and icy to me. But before I went to work in Turkey, when I had the chance to buy a bagel from the bagel shop opposite my house to have a snack on the way, I would take my bagel and rush to the tram so that when I got on the tram, I could not stand the fragrant smell from my bag and secretly ate it piece by piece. It turns out, how happy did those moments give me? Now, when I remember those days, we smile with pleasure and enthusiasm when telling my friends.

You can imagine that even though I came home from work so stressed and tired, I never understood the taste of the tea I brewed and drank on my balcony or on the windowsill in the evenings.

I would definitely prefer to sit on the small balcony of my house in the Capa District of Istanbul and drink a brewed tea or sahlep with my last breath, even if I was sitting in the nature with the sounds of chirping birds right now, sitting in its huge garden surrounded by the abundant greenery of Europe.

Not everyone can understand these feelings I’m experiencing because they need to love them by feeling in their deep hearts for them to understand.

Good luck to you my dear Turkey and please continue to stand tall no matter what, OK?

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