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Gölpınarlı, the literary archaeologist who brought Mevláná to the present day

by Doğan Hızlan


Today, it will continue at 10:00 in the same venue and the last talk will end at 12:00.

Previously, a symposium was held in Iran for Báki Hodja . His books were exhibited in the hall of the Library due to the symposium .

On the 800th anniversary of Mevláná ‘s birth, a symposium should really be held for him, thank you to those who thought about it.

He was a great scholar, and he knew how to pass on what he knew to everyone. The teaching aspect was unique, not only while you were reading but also listening, you would realize what a scientist is.

I have no doubt that if Báki Hoca ‘s MevlánáIf it were not for his books on Mevlevi and Mevlevi , Mevláná would not have been read as much, not known as much, accepted as much, and loved so much in our country.

Because he carried the great thinker to the present with his comments and annotations.

While visiting the exhibition, there were some of the books I read most of which took me back years.

* * * When we founded Eti Publishing House with my DEAR friend Konur Ertop , our first book was Simavne Kadisioğlu Şeyh Bedreddin by Abdülbáki Gölpınarlı . My late teacher İsmet Sungurbey also wrote a foreword.

In my publishing career , I had the honor of publishing other books of Hoca .

One day, he came to Altın Kitaplar Publishing House with Yunus Emre’s book in his hand . “You print this book ,  he said, and I, one of the owners of the publishing house, Dr. Turhan Bozkurt gave the answer immediately, “You’re welcome” . Later, Sheikh Galip ‘s Hüsn ü Aşk

We published the. The signature under the dedication in that book, which I kept among my most valued signed books, was: “Bende-i Bendegán-ı Mevláná.” Báki Hoca was a person who followed the new literature, explained his thoughts on them, and sometimes conveyed them through the lens of sharp humor.

Among the contemporary writers of Turkish literature , he liked Orhan Kemal the most . I would like to write one more memory about him. Following the serialization of 
Orhan Kemal ‘s novel A Girl from the Streets , Báki Hoca is one of the main protagonists of the novel Cevdet.‘s prison fell upon reading that, one morning, Orhan Kemal ‘ s house and goes to “rescue this child from prison,” he says.

I don’t remember seeing such a vivid example of reading a work in anyone else.

* * * The works of ABDÜLBÁKİ GÖLPINARLI are still a unique source of information and enlightenment for all of us today.


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