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“Metaverse” and AFTER by Turkish Scholar Prof Dr İsmail Hakki Aydin

07 November 2021 –

İsmail Hakkı AYDIN [email protected] uni.edu.tr


Very recently (November 3, 2021) I wrote a very long article titled “Metaverse, Life 4.0” that draws attention to the future dangers of the subject.
(https://www.acapublishing.com/dosyalar/baski/LUMINOSOPHY_2021_5 64.pdf),which was at the top of the media in terms of reading rates and still retains its privileged placeFollowing its publication, the same day and the next day, some other publications published the article by adding their own comments and taking it to their websites.
), (https://www.5gvirusnews.com/technology/brainsiz-40-kuantik-cag-h707.html).

Then, the very next day (November 4, 2021), Mark Zuckerberg in the USA made statements about the “Metaverse”, which is considered to be this “virtual reality”. This “METAVERSE” incident, which is on the agenda of the world and will destroy the current “internet” and will bring its end, and which, in my opinion, was founded by Hasan Sabbah and first applied its “primitive, primitive form” to his bouncers, was covered in all the news as well as TV and other media organs. has been the subject of portals.  Simultaneously, the archaeological excavations, the review of historical sources, the researches made in the scientific world and the results obtained were setting off the flares that humanity and life had evolved into another dimension.

The New World Order is built on “money and creativity”. When will human beings realize that morality, decency, honor, dignity, personality, dignity, compassion, true pleasure, genuine pleasure, spiritual peace, happiness, culture, art, literature, enlightenment and humanity are traits that money cannot and cannot buy. ! This is a very important issue.  Again, I should remind you that; All scientific, cultural, social, environmental, vegetative, animal and personal information collected in the universe is being collected for “Metaverse” and “Matrix”! Adapting the obtained scientific data to technology and putting them on the market, everything from virtual glasses and headgear to virtual gloves, shoes, cloaks and clothes will be the “Metaverse” instruments that will still live the “Stone Age” in my opinion!

Thanks to the “Metaverse”, which offers a complex and alternative “parallel world” and which I think will create an addiction like drug addiction, especially in young people, it is also possible to dive into the watched movie and even take a role at that time, even though it will live its primitive period. In this system, where other systems are outdated, I think that even an identity will not be given to those who do not have an “Avatar”! In a sense, the “Metaverse” is limitlessness and it destroys the conscience and gives people the opportunity(!) to realize the desired dreams(!). Does it smell a bit of “COMPANY”?

From where we sit, Medicine by Avicenna, Hippocrates and Galen, Philosophy by Plato, Farabi, Metaphysics by Aristotle, Morals by Mevlana, Astronomy by Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Tesla It is possible for us to take Physics, Mathematics from Pascal, Laipniz, Philosophy from Spinoza, Radioatvite from Pierr and Mary Curi, Computer Language from Turing, etc. in a question-answer, interactive way! Take the course you want, from the teacher you want!   You will be able to change the world where you live, without changing the country! Everything about life will also be found in the “Metaverse”, where generational conflicts are inevitable. Mosque, Church, Concert Hall, Theatre, Chat Rooms, Home, School, Lover, Spouse, Friend… This will happen very soon. However, there is also the “after” of the “Metaverse”…

Isn’t the main goal to play God? In some computer games, the player cannot pass to a higher level (level) without “prostrating” in front of the “idol”! Who would hear the footsteps of Satanism… A “religion” supported by global capital… A “New Cult Religion” with some Islam, some Christianity, some Judaism, some Buddhism, some Hinduism and a bit of Deism, and a monolingual, mono-religious and One state, one type of person is planned! For those who do not/cannot see this danger and disaster ahead, be it love!

Companies, Digital States and the Digital World, “Universal Basic Income”, Singularity (Technological Singularity), Brains that can be hacked, reset and reset, Lucifer (God of Light) and Nanobots, who seek to create their “Metaverse” in line with their own dreams, look at the history of science and humanity again. will require analyzing and rewriting. The job is done… Because the world is not a place to lie down! The Qur’an does not talk about “stray” things such as holidays, retirement, sleeping on one’s back, Eid and watching! Even though “Humanized Animals” are everywhere, “Animalized Humans” are on the way… It will require analyzing and rewriting (from scratch). The job is done… Because the world is not a place to lie down! The Qur’an does not talk about “stray” things such as holidays, retirement, sleeping on one’s back, Eid and watching! Even though “Humanized Animals” are everywhere, “Animalized Humans” are on the way…

Prion proteins, in which memory is stored, can pass to plants and then to humans through soil after death. This is why cemeteries are transferable memories! Transmission of memory will be possible by separating and transplanting prion memory proteins in the brain. In the light of this scientific data, it should not be forgotten that; The most important tool of bioterrorism is the “Prion Outbreak”. Who do we expect to take the action?

Was Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel “Snow Crash”, which wanted to bring the Babylonian period to the present, become real and humanity and life continued to sleep? However, we cannot know anything outside of our mental world! For this reason, besides our brain and thinking, our mind and consciousness are one of our most important faculties that need to be developed, trained and taught. In my world of mind, I’m after losing myself first and then finding myself. As a matter of fact, it is not possible to be a scientist without a philosopher. Man is the “knowing” man, and humanity is awareness. A working person (Homo Fabere) is also a thinking person, although thinking is the function of the “brain” and producing is the function of the “hand”…

Every “Scientist” is a “Philosopher”, “Science” is a “religion” and a culture, and “Philosophy” is a set of different conceptions. Alphabet, money and freedom are essential for the emergence and evolution of philosophy. The opposite is bondage. Preferences determine a philosophical dimension and differences form the basis of society.

By the way, I want to talk a little bit about Mathematics. Because without Mathematics, nothing happens and we cannot understand something. The consciousness of the universe is a collective and universal, collective and mathematical consciousness, and its Philosophy is bounded by its horizon. The precision of mathematics is its own truth. Because Mathematics is the first to be created, it is seductive, it has a sensual side, it is not an invention, it is a discovery, and it is after what is right, not why it is right. Theoretical Physics is also Mathematics, which is the common mind for this. Physics seeks utility, Mathematics is truth, truth… Mathematical Logic is also very important. The world, even thought, needs to be mathematized! There is no other way to understand and explain the universe other than Mathematics. Science is a repeatable set of events and there is no “END” for science. unrepeatable events,It is the subject of metaphysics and is called “Miracle”. Therefore; “Moment”, “I” and “Being” can be metaphysics, not science. The existence of meaning depends on the existence of purpose. For this reason, we humans should seek to understand all these things rather than learning. Indeed, the human mind is vulnerable to uncertainty! It requires an effort to be “yourself”, not to be similar.
Along with all this, I have to express and remind that those who attempt to revive the “Sumerian Language and Religion” on a universal scale are unaware of the 119th Verse of the Nisa Surah of the Holy Quran, even though “God” is not the subject of science. Because the “Future is now”, everything is a “game”, there is no “END” for science, and “Humanity” is awareness about life and being aware! The greatest power is the “Collective Divine Spiritual Energy Power”.

Speaking of spirit; In the meantime, I wanted to mention the concepts of “Vegetable Spirit” based on reproduction, nutrition and growth, “Animal Spirit” with emotion and voluntary movement, and “Human Spirit” with speech, thinking and dignity. As a matter of fact, animals have voices and humans have words! Unfortunately, the person who does not understand the Qur’an, the world and life, is preparing the end of life himself by getting away from his nature! When will this human being, chasing death before he dies, realize that hopes are nourished by spirits, that the Earth is the place of purification from evil, and that the fabric of the Universe consists of vibration, and that life consists of “LOVE”! The unknowns are chasing each other…

Please, let’s meditate a little, let’s think about the survival and future of life, nature and generation, with our “Sign of Reason”… Let’s take a brief look at our recent past, if you wish. I would like to express in advance that I will make these considerations with a relatively “Socratic” thought and philosophy, so that my writings will be tried to be understood within this framework…

Don’t natural disasters, epidemics, earthquakes, fires etc. happen from time to time for various reasons? Who can object that the decisions of the “Cyber ​​war and invasion” we are in come from the “Cloud”? Who can deny the “RF Bomb” and “Sepsis Epidemic”. “Sepsis” accounts for approximately 30% of deaths due to Kovit! Can’t Wi-Fi be used as a weapon? Doesn’t microwave damage all living and non-living matter by changing the frequency of the oxygen atom? Doesn’t electromagnetic pollution threaten life and nature, therefore the Earth, and even the Universe? Don’t ancient microbes pose a great threat to the possibility of uncontrollable epidemics as the glaciers melt? Don’t 70,000 Starlink low satellite systems occupy space? Trojans are trying to invade Earth… Why? Smart homes, systems, cities and more, even brains, are they really under our control or someone else’s? Can’t muscles and nerves be paralyzed or pressure applied to the heart by electromagnetic bombardment?

While we’re here, I want to talk a little bit about “Chemtrial”. It is also taught as a course in the US army. A course on the combustion and evaporation system of jet engines and topics that can be understood by reverse engineering… By the way, I have to say that Smart Dust (Smart Dust) and Nanotags (half human half computer) in millimetric or smaller sizes are everywhere and in everything. can happen. What we think and what we feel is recorded. Sensor clusters can be found in swarms in the air, and cooperated insects can roam everywhere. Biological ones aside, even weapons are now nano-sized… With behavioral control methods, brain-impressive nanoweapons are at work! In some plant specimens that have lost their vitality

What about Genetic Engineering? “Raven New” (New Raven Project) continues. Optogeneticists study DNA and RNA particles that make light. DNA is printed and synthesized. Why can’t the poisonous protein be produced over RNA? Each base pair has a unique vibrational frequency. This sound and frequency sequence and arrangement can be affected by the correct frequency of the light-transmitting resultant. It seems possible to produce/produce both light and poison! DNA bases work like a computer. It is possible to change the frequency sequence with the right light and sound frequency. As a matter of fact, this DNA, which also contains the decision-making mechanism, can also produce poison!

Nanobots are used in transhumanistic research from their constituent materials, photonic crystal strands and DNA-Porphyrin complex work for artificial light and can affect DNA bases.  By means of Carbon Nanobots, it is possible to collect the light processed by DNA and direct it to the entire society in a readable “anger”. Why not create an angry society? It’s like defining anger in the system. As if we hadn’t seen their examples! Even ego and sexuality can be controlled. “Universal Basic Income” will now be determined for everyone by the fathers(!)

As in Morgellon’s (Parasite Delusion) Disease, red stem cells can be programmed to kill insects, and they are used in industrial agriculture, in the fight against insects, by simulating the DNA of the fly, by means of “lighting eyes”. What about humans… With the “Metaverse” and the Cyber ​​World Order planned to be implemented in 2023, gas, electricity and power plants and distribution centers, banks, government offices, population and land registry records may be exposed to cyber attacks, and with “Cyber ​​Terrorism”, chaos environment. may occur. Everything is being prepared for the “Metaverse” and the products are registered with Blockchain.

The mentality that wants to keep the human generation, nature, energy, climate and therefore food under control is that Allah punishes the transgressors with the climate and that the main reason for historical migrations is disasters and climate changes such as drought, thirst, flood, volcano, earthquake and floods. is aware and loves to manage everything from one hand (Singularity). As a matter of fact, verse 205 of Surat al-Bakar expresses this. In the new order, leasing rather than purchasing is prioritized rather than sharing economy.

Brains and data under control… The world will change! Biometric information, CRISPR Cas9, Codes, Biohacker, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, everything… Now it is possible to cultivate anything, anywhere, anytime, besides treating and making patients with the CRISPR technique! Technology is inside people now! How beautiful it would be to be “free” as a “servant” if there were no “malicious, evil minds”… Let the Islamic world and humanity continue their sleep of heedlessness, let’s see how far!

There is no such thing as web 2.0, web 3.0 anymore! For me, “Metaverse”, which I consider a bit like defying God, is a higher version of web 3.0. In fact, I have to state in advance that there will be a “Post-Metaverse” realm. With the “Horizon Home” (Horizon Houses), the “Metaverse Period”, which will keep people away from the land and society, provide the opportunity to be involved in all kinds of activities, live, feel, communicate and enjoy with an endless appetite, and which will continue the “Stone Age” for now. In the near future, without the need for any equipment, tool or instrument, it will pass to a stage where the desired life can be lived as a fictional dream, with only brain power and dexterity of thought! As a matter of fact, dreams can be “edited” through studies conducted both at the University of Chicago and in Japan.
This thought and foresight emerged as a result of my scientific and scientific acquis, beyond my intuitions.  Even if we are only one person like Lot or forty people like Moses, we should never compromise on “rights” and “truth” in the name of virtue, morality, honor and decency, and all our efforts should be to contribute to life and strive for the continuation of nature! Because the truth makes man “free” by making him a “servant”! As is customary, let’s end with some of our aphorisms and a song/ruba, which was composed and performed by Nihavend called “Past Months”.

The future is now…

  • Humanity is awareness of life!
  • Everything is just a “game”.
  • For science, there is no “END”.
  • Society is not made by unity, but by differences.
  • Writing, money and freedom gave birth to “Systematic Philosophy”.
  • Voice is animal, speech is human!
  • The mind is vulnerable to uncertainty!
  • “Being”, “I” and “Moment” are miraculous, sacred, metaphysical, immeasurable and unrepeatable.
  • Scientific repeatability of events Mathematics, non-repeatability Metaphysics…
  • There is no other way to understand and explain the universe other than Mathematics!
  • We cannot know anything outside of our mental world!
  • Mathematics has a sensual side!
  • Mathematics is not invention, it is discovery!
  • Don’t look like anyone! Be yourself!
  • I don’t want to learn, I want to understand!
  • Mathematics seeks why it is true rather than what is true.
  • In my mental world, I seek to lose myself first and then find myself.
  • Every “Scientist” is also a “Philosopher”…   ¯ Physics is in pursuit of truth, Physicists are utilitarian… ¯ Mathematics is common mind and leads to Philosophy!
  • Brain death is the biggest mistake of the 21st century.
  • To be a “Servant” of the truth is to be free!
  • After the hearts are occupied, what happens if the space is occupied, what happens if it is not…
  • Surplus is a waste!
  • Ancient microbes, at the door…
  • In our house, he is establishing a cult that comes before him!
  • My grandfather was Kadiri, my father was Khalidi. My mother is Sâbiri… Now, the cults of İsmâilî, Cüneydî, Bircisî, Cânânî, Emini, Fatimi, Rayyanî, Vuslâtî, Efnânî, Serrai are not passed.
  • The world is not a snuggling place.
  • Law begins where morality ends, law begins where law ends, punishment begins where law ends.
  • While whispering my name, the star “Bircis” heard you, “HURŞID” saw you crying at dawn…
  • The father of “Virtual Reality” Metaverse is Hasan Sabbah!
  • God is not the subject of science!
  • Philosophy is a set of different conceptions!
  • “Humanized Animals” are everywhere, “Animalized Humans” are on the way… ¯ The most important tool of bioterrorism is the “prion epidemic”.
  • Prion proteins, in which memory is stored, can pass to plants and then to humans through soil after death.
  • All personal information is collected for “Metaverse” and “Matrix”! ¯ Science is a “religion”, a culture!
  • The New World Order is built on “money and creativity”. ¯ The main goal is to play God…
  • Graveyards are implantable memory!
  • Transmission of memory will be possible by separating and transplanting prion memory proteins in the brain.
  • Neither you nor me!
  • You know best what I gave up to love you!
  • Sign of life is the proof of vitality! ¯ Your family is who you are! ¯ Tranquility is hidden in dynamism ¯ Love is cruel.
  • Marriage is healthy!
  • Neither us nor spirits, no one is alone… ¯ Spirits, life and death, are always aware of each other… ¯ Every day starts without “You” and “I”!
  • Before we die, we seek to die!
  • Psychiatry is the Literature of Medicine.
  • To live at the mercy of another is not to live.
  • Graphene, Dish Antenna!
  • Morality, decency, honor, dignity, personality, dignity, compassion, pleasure, pleasure, peace, happiness, culture, art, literature, enlightenment and humanity are the traits that money cannot buy.
  • The consciousness of the universe is a collective and universal consciousness!
  • The greatest power is the “Collective Divine Spiritual Energy Power”!
  • A person who does not understand the Qur’an is preparing the end of his life by getting away from his nature!
  • There is no end to neither suffering nor well-being. All pass!
  • The world is a place of purification from evil!
  • Hopes feed on souls!
  • The fabric of the universe is vibration, and your life is “LOVE”!
  • The “source” and “ancestor” of everything is a “single” “Big Bang”!
  • All existence, existence, past, present and future, together with time, are gathered in a single point.
  • There is no “far”, there is “close”!
  • Nothing is “far”, everything is “close” in reality… ¯ It takes trouble to be human. “Love” is also needed for trouble… ¯ Anesthesiologists are the guarantee of surgeons.
  • “Religion” has been looted in the market…
  • Thought, word, rhetoric, character, life, end, death, avdet, emigration, afterlife, every watch, always blessing…
  • Our life is our death, our death is our resurrection!
  • Education begins in the womb.
  • A published work is worth more than the best unpublished research!
  • Each case is an article.
  • Before arguing beyond the limit, for those who are literate, it is only necessary to read what I wrote! It is enough for illiterate people to listen to and watch my conferences, lectures and TV programs.
  • I’ve already forgiven you, Ungrateful! I have seen such betrayals that you have remained “nothing”!
  • Tell the ignorant ignorant, look how the mind teaches you!
  • Science is the name of being able to explain everything that happens.
  • Wealth begins with being a slave to money.
  • Every solved problem opens the door to another problem!

Months Passed Nihavend Song  https://youtu.be/dQmx8bQEnCI
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