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23 06 2019

Dear friends, have a nice day, have a nice sunday.

Today, June 23, is a hot Sunday in Istanbul. The topic we will talk about today is the concept of Turkey. Of course, we will talk about this in comparison with China.

When we look at China, it appears as the world’s superpower and America’s only scourge. Like us, China has had many dynasties and states, but the Chinese never say that we have established so many states, so many dynasties ruled us. They say only one thing: “China”. They constantly place the Chinese brand in the minds of the world. This is how they became a super economic power. They have been implementing a conscious plan in this regard for 50 years since 1978.

When we look back at us, we have established 16 states, Ottomans, Seljuks, Ghaznavids, Karakhanids, Göktürks, Huns, Uyghurs, states, dynasties, this is a mess. Why don’t we come out of this only with the concept of Turkey? What I mean by Turkey is that the Turkish state was founded on three continents. The name of the Ottomans was European Turkey, when you look at the British maps established in Europe, they always write Turkey as the European part, and the Asia Minor “Asia Minor” for the Anatolian part. “Devlet ü Türkiyye” founded by the Mamluks in Africa, and our final state established in Anatolia is the Republic of Turkey, “Turkey”. Now, the states that we have established in Asia, Europe and Africa always have an emphasis on Turkey.

What has always been thought for us is that they establish the state and then destroy it. It has been so, these states have destroyed each other. Then, we need to bring together the Turkish states, starting from Morocco on the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific coast, under the identity of Turkey, by going beyond the state configurations in the history of the Turkish World, Turkistan style namings and dynastic namings and coming out with a different point of view.

Today, China has a population of 1.5 billion, but Turkey is the leader of the Islamic World, which has 1.5 billion. Turkish communities are in it. Then we will have brought two equal forces face to face. The yield of this; Just as “Made in China” is written on the back of a product, what we need to do is to spread the “Made in Turkey” branding, in these 3 continents, which is actually 4 continents. If we count India as a continent, because there are 5 states, that is also is a subcontinent. To create a great power by combining the products of these 4 continents under the name of Turkey brand will be to create the perception of one Turkey.

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