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Machiel Kiel books on Turkey and Ottomans

Osmanli ve Cumhuriyet Dönemi Türk-Bulgar Iliskileri 11-13 Mayis 2005 Uluslararasi Sempozyum Bildirileri
by n/a and Machiel Inalcik, Halil; Kiel | Jan 1, 2015

Ottoman architecture in Albania, 1385-1912
by Machiel Kiel | Jan 1, 1990

Art and Society of Bulgaria in the Turkish Period: A Sketch of the Economic, Juridical and Artistic Preconditions of Bulgarian Post-Byzantine Art an
by MacHiel Kiel | Oct 1, 1985

Seventh International Congress of Turkish Art Hardcover – Import, January 1, 1990
Russian Edition by Michael Gervers (Contributor), Doris Behrens-Abouseif (Contributor), Rosemary Crill (Contributor), Filiz Cagman (Contributor), Walter B. Denny (Contributor), Aynur Durukan (Contributor), Jale N. Erzen (Contributor), Geza Feher (Contributor), Ernst J. Grube (Contributor), Machiel Kiel (Contributor)

Birgi – An Old Turkish Cultural Centre In Western Anatolia
by Machiel Kiel | Jan 1, 2013

Studies on the Ottoman Architecture of the Balkans: The Legacy in Stone (Collected Studies Series Cs326)
by MacHiel Kiel | Oct 1, 1990



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