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“Longing for Istanbul” by Lisa Morrow

  • Deep Love with Istanbul
I started to read the book of Lisa Morrow that has recently been published “Longing for Istanbul”. She was born in Sydney Australia and her major is sociology. Later she has visited Istanbul, Turkey and then has being deeply affected by the city and the people. Lisa is lover of Turkey and Istanbul. She has settled down in Istanbul. Later she has moved to Lisbon but because of her deep love with Istanbul she has returned back to city again.

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  • Homeland: Australia
Her homeland Australia is continental island far away from Turkey and Istanbul. On the other hand, Istanbul is historical peninsula and located in two continents, Europe and Asia. Especially the European part of the city is unique and you got a characteristic way of life of Turks in Europe.
  • Happy Sociologist
As a sociologist she is very happy in Istanbul, because Istanbul and Turkey in general is a landmark with diversities, complexities and dynamism. Yes I have the same feeling with Lisa. 10 years before I have left Istanbul for a year long. My decision was to leave Istanbul but really I had to turn back to Istanbul. And then I understood how valuable is Istanbul and the city life for myself.
  • Invaluable Observations
I was born in Fatih very historical part of the city. Lisa’s lines and observations and writings are invaluable as being a foreigner far from Turkey. Her writings on how is Turkey, how is Istanbul as an outsider her observations are invaluable. Lisa likes to be with the people, to be on the streets, to be inside the life totally. I appreciate that a lot. As Turkish culture is mainly verbal and spoken one, so this is a clear message that Turks have a very social life.
Different nations have different characteristics. Main feature of Turks are their communicative skills. Speaking is more valuable than writings for Turks and then Lisa catches several in his book in this respect. As a Turkish citizen born in Istanbul, I am really very happy to see the books written by Lisa Morrow. In 2014 she has published “Exploring Turkish Landscapes: Crossing Inner Boundaries” and in 2015 “Inside Out in Istanbul: Making Sense of the City” “Waiting for the Tulips to Bloom: Adrift in Istanbul (2015).
  • More books by Lisa Moore
Longing for Istanbul is her fourth book and I will be happier to see more books by Lizza Morrow. Her unique observations on Turkey and Istanbul has captured the lively spirit of Istanbul “The City”.
  • Final Remarks
Let us finalize with a paragraph from Lisa’s latest book which signifies the heading of the book:  “Living here isn’t always easy but nonetheless the rewards are endless and deeply inspiring, especially as I no longer  remain simply in order to flee from myself, as was once the case. I made a conscious decision to stay because I can be the best version of myself here, no matter what life throws at me.”


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