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Living Turkish Scholars: Prof Dr Erol Göka

Prof. Dr. Erol Göka was born in 1959 in Denizli. Father of five children. From the School of Medicine. A scientist who grew up in Turkey’s scientific and intellectual life from Ankara. He specialized in a field of medicine that studies the human spirit. This field is ‘Psychiatry’, which was included in the ‘Asabiye’ at first, but later separated from there together with neurology and became a separate specialization branch.

Prof. Dr. Erol Göka is an intellectual, worker for ideas.

He is a scientist who takes the fields of morality, identity, society, people and religion of Turkey as his own issues. It is possible to see a methodology that always illuminates in his writings and works. It is a connoisseur’s pen that produces ideas mostly in the field of psychiatry.

He is a teacher with his own theories. In addition to his many scientific and academic activities such as newspaper articles, conferences, and symposiums, the teacher, who added the publication of the latest book ‘Heart’ to his many books, is now living the most productive periods of his life.

He is a name that permeates his writings and exists in Turkey’s intellectual and cultural life with his diagnoses, determinations, analyzes and theories. There is a constant effort of writing and ideas.

He is one of the rare names given two awards by the Turkish Writers’ Union for his work.

He is the owner of the views that drip from the retort of the window of experience and ideas.

Source: http://www.erolgoka.net/3347-2/

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