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Kumkapı Çeşmesi akıyor kalbimden
Sevdalar geçiyor gönlümden
Geçtim âlemlerin bezminden
Gözlerimi dünyaya açtım
Bezmi Âlemden


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Levent Ağaoğlu is a poetry-loving poet-thinker who has adopted the principle of starting an initiative by generating ideas.

Levend'name Şiirler

He attaches importance to the indispensable quality of the dream dimension in the essence of the act of thought; has adopted the principle of enriching and diversifying the power of thought with imagination.

He set his heart on developing an idea of ​​Agha Sophia from the same dictionary meanings of Hagia Sophia and Kutadgu Bilig.

He has adopted the motto of going to bed with ideas and waking up with poetry…


– In the Paths…

– In the Places…

– In the Years…

– In the Writings…

– In the Hearts…

– In the Losts…

– In the Ballads…

He traces on a quest after Levend’âne poetry in the Greater Mediterranean unity formed by Turkey “stretching into the Mediterranean like a mare’s head” and Turkistan surrounded by oases.


Levend'name Şiirler

Gönlek dokurlar
Bir kendirden
Bil ki gönlünden
Göne dokunan



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