“We Chinese companies are small shrimp in the ocean, but our solidarity makes a big impact. You guys like Nokia and Ericcson are like sharks in the oceans ”

Mr. Ma-CEO, Alibaba.com1999, Hong Kong

Business and Business. Where is the difference?

Leadership is the most important concept of the Business World. The creation, execution and continuation of jobs by utilizing the resources creates the Business World.

It is the catalyst element of the resources (capital, people, etc.) that make up the Business World; Leadership.

The sciences of Psychology, Sociology and History put Business, Cooperation, Division of Labor and Business World at the center of the continuity of the societies in which the human element is at the center.

The difference in Jobs and Business World is created by leadership where the vitality and dynamism of the human element come to life.

Leaders and Brands

Legendary leaders are known for their brands and products. Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Sony, Hitachi brands are actually the names of the leaders of the companies that dominate with their creative qualities.

Leadership and Innovation

The concept of Innovation, which is the variable that creates difference in today’s Business World, is related to Leadership. An experimental research conducted by IBM has scientifically revealed that the most important factor for the creation and execution of innovations is the leadership approach of CEOs and their ownership.

Unless it is owned by leaders, innovations cannot be created and implemented.

The fact of competition at the basis of business life puts the Leadership, which will make the halva by mixing the elements such as oil, flour, sugar, etc., in appropriate proportions, among the components of competitive power.

It is people who make the difference and the Leader is the attribute of the most skilled person in this matter.

As the “Management and Leadership” classification implies in the literature, Leadership is the most important component of the Management function.

Leading Companies and Countries

As a result of Business Leadership practices, not only companies but also countries develop and achieve World Leadership. The companies that are at the top of the world leadership class of each of the BM5 countries (USA, Russia, China, England, France) are the results of the work of the business world leaders.

Our Leading Managers

Business Leadership overlaps with Leadership behavior, one of the basic patterns of our sociology. In this way, our country’s business life has received vital support from the social structure. In the business world of our country, examples of Leading Managers are frequently encountered in the public and private sectors. In Aviation and Defense Industries, Şakir Zümre, Nuri Demirağ, Nuri Killigil, Vecihi Hürkuş, Selçuk Bayraktar, “Father of the Turkish Railway Industry” Behiç Erkin are the first examples that come to mind.


The most important function of the leader is his determination to change. The phenomenon of competition, which is constantly circulating in the veins of business life, requires the continuity of change.

The manager who cannot provide the necessary change The leader is not qualified, the manager who cannot adapt to the waves of change will be replaced after a while and will have to leave his position.

Change is such a dominant phenomenon. The cycle of life and the continuity of the management force change.

“Hero” Leaders !?

Companies don’t need “hero” leaders to succeed.

For companies to be successful today, there is a need for a working environment where each employee will contribute voluntarily.

The fact that the CEO has all the power, authority and control in his hands prevents the company employees, especially the managers who are subordinate to him, from taking responsibility, taking initiative and making contributions.

Real leaders strive for participation rather than demonstrating strength and heroism. The main task of the CEO is not to shine himself and grab the “lion’s share”, but to make the people he works with make more contributions every day and win together.

We need Leaders Who Are Humble, Not Charismatic.

The Leader’s Job Is To Remove Barriers

“Nothing of a leader’s job is as important as removing barriers to success,” says Deming. he says. Whether he is running a country or a company, the leader’s main task is to remove the barriers to the community he rules. These barriers can be concrete, such as lack of resources or intangible obstacles stemming from people’s mentality. The leader’s task is to recognize these obstacles and remove them to pave the way to success.

It is much more difficult to remove intangible abstract barriers. These may be obstacles such as strong status quos, lack of motivation, ego wars, prejudices, strong interest or opposition groups, the disappearance of the sense of urgency, the settlement of inertia, the loss of inner discipline of people, the habit of creating excuses.

The barriers that communities face are often those stemming from ignorance and fear. People are afraid that they will lose with change.

Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne, who are famous for their Blue Ocean strategy, say that companies are faced with four different types of obstacles in particular.

1- Being behind the times is an obstacle to be overcome.

2- Limited resources is another obstacle to success.

3- One of the major obstacles to success is low motivation.

4- Groupings and conflicts are also important obstacles to success.

Every community, whether small or large, has obstacles. These can be tangible, tangible or abstract mentality barriers such as mentality, demoralization, fear, anxiety. Leadership means recognizing them and removing these obstacles to the community they manage.

The business world

The concept of the world in our topic makes it necessary to look at the Leadership in Business Life concept in three dimensions; time, ground, mind.

Leadership should be a combination of the rich accumulation of our own world states, our life experiences in all three dimensions, and as a lever shaped by our own people, our own lands, our vast geographies and our history, it should fulfill the function of pioneering new epochs in our business life.

Work life experiences that have not been experienced by others and us cannot be copied or shown in our direction.

It is not possible for us to think or develop thoughts in the language of others. Our language is not a means of pronunciation and translation of words in other languages. So we must concentrate on the use of our own words and concepts.

Leadership Language

The fact that the word leader is established in our language is the greatest proof that we cannot go beyond being followers.

The meaning of the concept of leadership in our language is Alp. Alp Arslan, the conqueror of Anatolia, the Alp Mountains, the highest mountain range in Europe, are the first uses that come to mind.

Kagans in the Orkhon inscriptions; While it is remembered with the “alp” identity definition, which symbolizes brave and statesmanship aspects, the most basic qualification of its consultants is “wise” personalities.

Leadership in Business Life; Alp must be a combination of identity and Wise personalities. Our leaders have always been wise. Leaders have always tested themselves with knowledge and have thus taken to new horizons.

“I am Bilge Tonyukuk”

It is necessary to be the master of both pens and swords.

The first printed our paper at the Wise Tonyukuk (714) as Sage’s stone hakkettir “I Sage Tonyukuk” echoing alpbilg to our managers in the outcry, with leadership practices in the business world, not just companies, are preparing Türkiyem’iz also to world leadership.

In 1998, Mr. He personally witnessed Ma’s vision in Hong Kong on the occasion of a conference, and after this vision came true after a few decades, he decided to write this book, unable to hide his admiration.

“I tell young people that nobody can avoid doing wrong. In fact, doing wrong is not a sin. But I do not know of such a great sin as denigrating a good idea.

Good ideas can only impose their values ​​on everyone when they are applied. Therefore, I count those who try to kill before their ideas are born, the most brutal murderers of humanity.” Kazim Tashkent (1895, Preveza, Greece – 5 March 1991 in Istanbul, Turkey)


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