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Koyun Baba Tomb, Akşemsettin, Fatih, Istanbul

The real name of Koyun Baba, who was once one of the most visited Istanbul parents, is unknown. According to rumors, he was one of the saints of Khorasan and one of the shepherds of Fatih Sultan Mehmed.

Sheep Baba’s tomb

Mubarak tomb is located in Fatih, Akşemseddin District, on Sarıgüzel Street, right next to Koyun Baba Park. He was one of the privates who participated in the conquest of Istanbul and later became the shepherd of Fatih Sultan Mehmed. In the past, the grave of Koyun Baba was visited for the naughty children to settle down. Ord. prof. Dr. According to the information provided by Ahmed Süheyl Ünver, in 1935 there was the following inscription on a round stone on his grave:

Bende-i Âli Abâ

The deceased Sheep-Father

His Excellency

Ruhiycun al-Fatiha

This stone does not exist today. Today, there are the following inscriptions in his tomb, which is surrounded by marble and green iron railings:

Sheep Dad

and Sabire Sultan

Fatiha for your soul

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