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Karahan Tepe | Stunning New Discoveries Dating to 11,500 years in South East Turkey | Megalithomania


hello megalithomaniacs today we’re going

to be looking at the new discoveries

that have been found at the remarkable

site of carahan tepe in southeast


carahan tepe is the sister site to go

beckley tepe both based in the vicinity

of san learther

it is one of the most impressive sites

i’ve visited it’s on par with quebec

tepe in many ways and only recently has

it been properly uncovered or at least

some of it i’ve been visiting carahan

tepe since

2014 where i visited there twice with

andrew collins

we also visited in 2015 and more

recently in 2018 now the reason we

wanted to share this video with you is

because brand new discoveries are being

unearthed at this present moment

and these include a remarkable enclosure

much like enclosure deep actually larger

75 feet wide

and this is larger than anything we

found at quebec tepe now overall quebec

temp is a much larger site and it was

appears to have been in use for a longer

period because there’s multiple

enclosures that have been built over one

another but what we’re generally looking

at when we look at these sites in this

part of southeast anatolia

is t-shaped pillars where which have a

kind of abstract humanoid form with

hands almost touching the navel along

the kind of edges of the pillars

the t part on the head appears to be a

human anthropomorphic head although this

is still debated

and many of these pillars have been

found at carahan tepe in fact 250 have

been recorded there and this has been

known about for some years because when

we were visiting there over the last few


these t-shaped pillar heads appear to be

sticking out of the ground we can

actually see many of them

form these circles and parallel avenues

going up to the top

now it must be noted that when we

visited uh more recently in 2018 and the

previous visits

you can only see a certain amount of the

site because this clearly covered up

whether it’s naturally covered up or

deliberately done like quebec tepe is

unclear at this moment but it looks like

much of the site is slightly more

damaged than gobekli tepe so it may have

not had the repair job done in

pre-history before it was deliberately

covered over and decommissioned however

we’re going to find out when we go there

in the next few months

but to start the video before we look

into all the discoveries that have been

made and even ones that are now on

display in san luis of museum

let’s take a look at a short look at

what was there before

it was excavated back when we were there

in 2018

essentially there are a series of pairs

of standing stones that most of them are

unexplored like this one some of them

have got test pits around them or you

won’t really see any carvings you might

see a little bit

and these are the same type of stones at

quebec tepe

but they’re completely unexcavated at

this time the big difference between

quebec tape and here is that this is a

this is not

a hill that’s been created as an

occupational mound this is a natural

hill and all they’ve done is to cover

the top and the sides

with a stone


and also earth

and they buried the stones within them

and if you ask actually what’s going on

we’ve tried to

plot as many of the stones as we could

and it does seem as if they all

seem to be focusing

on the top of the hill on the northern

side not here but that that place a

little bit further farther up there

and they’ve all they’re all come

together you’ll see them all of them

seem to be

coming up in lines towards this spot now

whether that’s avenues whether that’s a

series of of enclosures but if you go to

the south there’s nothing at all

all of the the the

the flints and flakes and the rest of it

are on the north side

on the east side some on the west side

nothing on the south side that tends to

suggest to me that this area was the

main area of activity


because i think that they were

interested in that

that hill there


that hill

basically is full of caves

and they are the only caves in the area

and uh myself and hugh

uh and one of the of their team members

in the past

i’ve investigated them as much as we can

and there is prehistoric activity on the

top there i’ve got an article ready to

go essentially on it

but there is absolute evidence of

activity going back at least to 8000 bc


so one other thing that still fascinates

me is this giant t-shaped pillar which


on the western side it’s unfinished it’s

like the sacred kind of quarry spot

where the stones of carahan tepe came

from we have similar principle actually

at quebec tepe we have a 24 foot pillar

still in the quarry whereas this one at

carahan is 18 feet tall

and other things you’ll notice in the

video that we just looked at you can see

the tops of the pillars sticking out the

ground you can see some of the cut marks

in the bedrock we find again that at

quebec lee tepe we also saw some small

t-shaped pillars or the tops of them we

saw kind of portal stones and other

aspects that have been covered up for

possibly 11 000 years and so

when we’re looking at the new

discoveries it is really quite stunning

i mean

we’re looking at a 75 feet wide

megalithic enclosure but the thing is

they’re not just freestanding t-pillars

these actually

what appear to be

kind of carved into the bedrock

some of the sight some of the actual

enclosure whereas the rest of it is

freestanding so they kind of they were

digging 18 feet into solid bedrock at

carahan tepes being discovered you can

actually see that in the small enclosure

with all them kind of monoliths that are

actually still a part of the bedrock

which some appear to be anthropomorphic

some look like mushrooms and some look

like they’re kind of

uh creatures carrying other creatures or

humans on their back and so there’s

quite a lot going on here and even you

can see this protruding head coming out

which looks like something from tiwanaku

the subterranean

temple there

so whether this is actually connected

with tiwanaku in bolivia is unclear

because the speculation is that the

dating matches even though that’s not

been proven yet in bolivia and there’s

other similarities as well which we

always find connecting quebec lee tepe

with places like easter island uh south

america central america even indonesia

this has been covered by many different

authors including myself and andrew

collins who i’ve been visiting the site

with since 2014. must be noted here that

andrew has actually been

going to carry on tempe since 2004

and so that’s when it was first kind of

known about although it was officially

discovered in around 1997.

it’s currently owned by some a beautiful

farm family we often go there for tea

and we have a lunch there when we make

our visits

and it’s not open yet you can’t

officially visit it it’s not going to be

open until officially in may 2022 but it

could be open early it could be open


there was a huge kind of

public and governmental opening

in late september 2021 just a week or so


where they revealed all these photos and

discoveries to the world and it’s part

of like a larger project they’re calling

which means stone hills and these are

numerous sites up to 12 sites

that cover an area 124 miles wide

centered around quebec lee tepe

and seven of these just started being

excavated including carahan tepe which

is about a year into its excavations so

take a look at these images take a look

at these aerial photos and footage

and tell me what you think in the

comments because to me this is really

really interesting i’m going to be

talking to andrew collins next week

we’re going to be doing a special


analyzing the site

he’s managed to unlock some of the

astronomical alignments which appear to

be at the site from the aerial videos

and we’re going to see if that connects

with quebec lee tepe and the predictions

andrew made about the rqr astronomy

several years ago

and we’re gonna so look out for that on

the megalithomania youtube channel and

also look out for a tour we’re going to

be running in 2022 because we’ve been

waiting you know because of covert for a

very long time to get back there and now

things are starting to open up we’re

certainly going to be visiting carahan

tepe gebekli tepe

mountain emirate we’re going to be

looking at some of the polygonal wall

sites along the south coast hatusa

cappadocia derinkuyu and all these

remarkable very ancient sites that

turkey has to offer and hopefully we’re

going to be looking at seven or some of

the seven sites that are currently under

excavation now these could be revelatory

many of the artifacts that have been

found at carahan tepe are also now in

the museum in san leartha now this

museum is remarkable regardless of

carahan tepe it has a complete

reconstruction of one of the most

important sites in the valley touri

which dates back to a similar era with

similar iconography stonework t-shaped

pillars and other such things it also

has a complete reconstruction of

enclosure d from quebec lee tepe and

many artifacts from many of the sites in

the area but now there’s some new ones

on display from carahan tepa and no

doubt this will increase

so when we go there in a couple of

months we’re actually going to have a

look at these and we’ll report back

we’ll analyze them but what i’ve seen so

far does suggest that there’s a certain

uniqueness to carahan tepe that

has now been revealed it’s quite a

different style it’s quite a different

cultural kind of element here that we

find at quebec tepe and it’s really

going to become i believe possibly the

most important site in this area and the

dating i mean some speculation was put

out last year that carahan tepa is

actually older than gobekli tepe so that

in itself is very very interesting

so we hope you enjoyed this brief video

just outlining what’s been taking place

at carahan tepe and and the other sites

that are going to be excavated there

we’re going to report back next week

with a special interview podcast with

andrew collins and look out for

information about the tour we’re going

to be certainly running next year

because this is a revelation this site

and i think it’s really important that

we go and take a look and look back the

true origins of humanity and where we

really came from and this part of the

world really has it all

so thanks for watching again thanks for

tuning in we appreciate your support

and we’ll keep you updated as things

progress with this story


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join us next year when we go and explore

these sites because you know we’ve been

going there since 2013 and we can tell

you now that this is an absolutely

gripping story that’s going to get much

more interesting as the months go by so

thanks for watching and we’ll see you

next time


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