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Internationally Awarded Turkish Theater Artists: Ferhan Şensoy

Theater, cinema, television actor; a novel, essay, diary, scriptwriter.  This very talented artist Ferhan Şensoy received the “Best Foreign Writer” award in Montreal in 1975 with the play “Ce Fou De Gogol”. He also played in the Theater de Quatre-Sous in Montreal, in the musical “Harem QuiRit”, directed by him. The “Güle Güle Godot” game was played in Russia with the translation of Huroman Nevruzova, “Ferhangi Şeyler” in Amsterdam and Brussels, “Felek Bir Gün Salakken” in Munich, Cologne, Stuttgart, Essen, Frankfurt, Sydney and Melbourne. Şensoy’s one book is translated into French by Nicole Gagnon and published in Montreal part by part. “Ferhangi Şeyler” was also staged in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, reaching 1.495 performances, while “Felek Bir Gün Salakken” reached 496 performances.

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