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International Day of Friendship of United Nations

Speech by Levent Ağaoğlu

Minutes: 36.15 – 43.03

30 July 2022

Hi my friends.

Have a good day for all. This is the just middle of july and I am Levent Ağaoğlu of Easy Global Talent Consultancy, EGT in Istanbul and Booksonturkey.com. So with the invitation of Miss Juselia Lin of Federation of World Peace and Love, I will have few words on the occasion of World Friendship Day coming soon of UN United Nations with the topic of love and peace. Really this is a crucial topic for the all humanity, when during these days we faced the war in around Black Sea with Russia and Ukraine and also we hear the songs of war all over the world.

It’s time to talk on love and peace really which is very crucial topic. When we look at a topic from my country Turkey, we may say that Turkey is the key for the humanity with love and peace on the grounds. Turkey is really with love and peace. Love and Peace is like water and air to humans. Without water and without air the living and breathing is impossible, so we need love and peace desperately, because the population of the world is getting over 8 billion people. so especially the population is under poverty most of the population is under poverty.

We need the peace, we need the love between all humans. I am an exporter over  40 years and I visited over countries all the continents what I see is the need for friendship between humans all over the world. I was in China, India, Africa, The South America, Europe all the time and I see the need of friendship between humans. When we look at the world from the universe, we see the world as a physical map not a political map. The water is around 70 percent of the world and for the human as well. What one can say as well as love which is needed desperately for the humans without water and without love it is the conditions of poverty drought and divorce.

However when we look at we cannot see the world from the universe as political map. The political maps are produced on the tables and it is divided nations the humanity is divided under nations but all are the humans why need for divisions between the humans and when we look at the love topic from my country Turkey we see first of all sufi poets like Yunus Emre and Rumi, Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi. Especially the both poets have mentioned the need for love, brotherhood and friendship between humans.Water is brotherhood.

We cannot take the blood as the basis of the humanity. The basis is water and it’s opaque and it is needed. There’s no difference between the waters but the bloods are differentiated. We need the love is water needed for the humans and and more.

During our days and during all the history, we see the folk poets in Turkey. They are called as Lovers means Aşık in turkish. They play with their instruments, with their poems based on the love. The topic is the love of the universe, love of the creator, love of the humans.

We can say the two big names for these lover poets (Ashiklar in turkish language). One is Aşık Veysel and second is Neshet Ertash. They have lived in 20th century and they created great songs on love and peace for humanity from Anatolia, Turkey. So a nice friendship day all my friends all over the world. Have a good sunday. Goodbye for now.


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