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International Award-Winning Turkish Films: Takva

2006, Drama

Here is a masterpiece from the new school of filmmakers! Takva, whose script was written by Önder Çakar and directed by Özer Kızıltan, deals with a subject that is rarely mentioned in Turkish cinema. The movie starring Erkan Can, Meray Ülgen and Güvenç Kıraç; It touches on how a modest man, who adheres to strict religious beliefs, lives by himself, and how his values ​​are gradually shaken after he crosses paths with a rich sect sheikh.

If you also enjoy films that bring a social phenomenon to the audience with an original scenario, Takva will more than meet your expectations!


  • 57th Berlin Film Festival, FIPRESCI Prize
  • Sarajevo Film Festival, Best Film Award
  • Toronto Film Festival, Cultural Innovation Award

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