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Innovation Constitution

1 Innovation and wisdom, as inseparable parts of each other, produce innovative results through a productive and creative cycle.

2 In order to be able to innovate, one should start from the root culture by acting with the elements of the wisdom cycle.

3 Innovation is inspired by the cycle of nature and the cycle of the root culture, both of which are based on wisdom.

4 The sole basis of innovation is wisdom and the Turks have given the title of Bilge to innovators.

5 The harsh steppe nature of the harsh natural conditions and the cultural structure formed in these conditions created a favourable innovation environment for the Turks.

6 Turkish, with its mathematical communication genius, is the key element of a cultural environment that triggers innovations.

7 The genetic diversity and richness of the Turks bring about universal inspiration in their innovation creations.

8 The synthesis of Latin-origin innovation and Turkish wisdom concepts creates a rich innovation infrastructure.

9 The grounds on which Turks settled in Turkestan and Turkey have produced a broad innovation perspective by being a carrier element of cultural interactions and enriching them through transformation.

10 Atatürk’s aphorisms “The foundation of the Republic of Turkey is culture” and “Happy to be a Turk” are the truest guarantees of innovation.


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