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Indian Cultural Heritage in Turkey: Murad-i Munzavi Tomb, Eyup, Istanbul 

In this study, the tombstones in the graveyard of The Dervish Lodge of Sheikh Muhammed Murad from Buhara were analysed. The Dervish Lodge which is in Eyüp, one of the most beautiful towns in Istanbul, was the first center of Mucaddidiyya branch of
Naqshbandiyya in Anatolia.

The tombstones were examined in chronological order according to the date of death and
the broken ones were stated seperately. Based on the knowledge taken from the tombstones, most of the members of the dervish lodge were belonged to the ulama and bureaucracy classes.

The Dervish Lodge which was connected with Damad-zâde Ebülhayr Ahmed Efendi and
Mustafa Pasha Foundations, influenced society so much. The tomb of the Sheikh Murad is in the classroom part of the dervish lodge and is still visited by his followers.

Keywords: Istanbul, Eyup, Sheikh Muhammed Murad Dervish Lodge, foundation,
graveyard, Ottoman Empire 17th and 18th centuries.

Source  Şeyh Muhammed Murad-ı Buhârî Tekkesi Haziresi Üzerine Bir Değerlendirme Ahmet Semih Torun

Murad-ı Münzavi Türbesi 

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