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India Memories by a Turkish Visitor

Thank you, Mr. Levent. Me and my wife were in Mumbai (New York) in Locknow, Uttar Pradesh in New Delhi, in the Golden Triangle (3 cities) in Chennai in Trivandrum. We identified how everything changed from North to South.
We admired the Gavali muslim Indian music, the dishes made with coconut milk in the South, the faces that greet us every time they see us. We spent the night at the Back Water Lake in Kerala on big boats with special beds and cooks, and we returned with unforgettable memories.
Unfortunately, we also saw the new music and clothing lifestyle of Bolywood in the name of westernization. Our idols were Nergis and Raj Kapoor music and songs. Aware Hu movie and music had been circulating in the languages ​​of the Turkish people 60 years ago when Bolywood was absent. Wet wipes are still in our minds.
I had an accident in the lab 3 years ago and hot solvent vapor touched my right eye. The eye closed and the vision dropped to 10 percent. While resting at bed, I decided to move to a retreat home called ashrom and the Indians specially for bed. Cell worked.
Now I look at myself with the enlightened eye. I can see many things at the same time while looking at the nature.
Greetings and love.
Sent: Wednesday, July 22, 2020


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