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Ida Mountains and Edremit Bay in Aegean Turkey

Antandros; It was established on a hill close to Altınoluk in the south of Kaz Mountains. The city is surrounded by a castle on the hill and a cemetery on its western slopes. Excavations in the historical city within the boundaries of Altınoluk town continue.

Altinoluk; The city, which is located in the south of Kazdağı, in the north of the Gulf, 17 km from Akçay, is taken as Antandros. It is one of the important tourism regions of the region. Antandros Culture, Art and Respect for Life Festival, organized by Altınoluk Municipality every year, attracts great attention.

Pinarbasi; It is a picnic place within the boundaries of Güre Town, 6 km from Akçay. The abundant and icy water flowing from the slope is an ideal place to cool off in summer. It is operated by the forest department. There is also a trout farm in the picnic area. Şahinderesi; It is located at the foot of the Altınoluk region of Kaz Mountains. He sees Altınoluk from above. It is a picnic place with plenty of trees with clean spring waters. It also has an accommodation facility and a restaurant.

Çağlayan; It is in Kızılkeçili Village and 3 km from Akçay. The 800-year-old plane tree, registered by the Ministry of Culture, is located here. Khans (Handeresi); It is one of the most popular picnic places. It is 35 km from Akcay. It attracts attention with its forests and cold waters. There are restaurants and cafes around. Mihli Stream; It is on the Altınoluk-Çanakkale highway, 25 km from Akçay, on the edge of a forested stream.

Güre Gelinçamı Picnic Area; It is a public picnic area 8 km from Akçay. It can be reached by the newly opened road from Güre. A part of Sarıkız activities, which are held by Güre Municipality every year, are held here.

Sütüven; It is a picnic area within the boundaries of Zeytinli Town, 5 km from Akçay. There are landscape viewing terraces and playground arrangements. There is Sütüven Waterfall, which pours from a height of 8 meters and is named after the region.

Hasanboğuldu; It can be reached after 1 km by following the pathway on the opposite side of the stream after the Sütüven picnic area within the borders of Zeytinli Town. It consists of a waterfall and a pond with many fish.

Tahtakuşlar Ethnography Museum; It is an art gallery established in a village for the first time in Turkey, with the first private Ethnography Museum of Turkey, established in natural beauties, connected to the asphalt road at a distance of 5 km to Balıkesir, 2 km to the Balıkesir Çanakkale E-24 highway.

Interesting and unique cultural assets, clothing, tools, carpets and tents of the Konar-Nomadic Turkish tribes who migrated to Turkey from Central Asia are exhibited in the gallery throughout the year. Also, Altınoluk Abdullah Efendi Mansion, Zeytinli Tea Garden, Şıp Şıp Dede and Edremit Park are places worth seeing.



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