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Turkestan with Dr.Yaşar Kalafat


Now this unity, the concept of Turkistan is known as East Turkestan in us, but there is a whole geography of Turkestan. I say its geography, I am not talking about a political union or something. When will we remember this concept of geography? In this sense, I think that it is the duty of our Turkish intelligentsia to index your works in the style of the wandering Evliya Çelebi by publishing them as a corpus rather than as a piece-by-piece book. I’m assigning a duty to the intelligentsia from here. Thank you so much.

Yaşar Kalafat – First of all, these studies have nothing to do with the intelligentsia. God knows this is how it is.

Levent Ağaoğlu – By intelligentsia, I mean intellectuals.

Yaşar Kalafat – I have an intelligentsia and he sits here and gets 40-50 in each of my books. God bless you. I give that money to the publishing house, the book comes from there for the wholesale cost. So because those books have been sold, I gain prestige from there. May Allah accept it. Turkistan, there is a known Turkistan. There is East Turkestan, there is West Turkistan. Today, East Turkestan is under the occupation of China, while West Turkestan includes Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Northern Afghanistan, then Uzbekistan. When it comes to terminology, we are unfortunately keen to use Western terminology as if it were ingenious, which I now call terminology. Now, Central Asia has taken its place, its name was Turkestan, we are sick of Western literature and literary literature.

I always add indexes to all my books. Because it is easier to make new studies based on those directories. However, there was no index of the five books that were released a week ago. Now, in my books, my editor, writer, cover composer, distribution, all of them are known by Mr. Cihan, I’m 78 years old, nothing more happens anymore. This is something that is left for later, if we will be a blessing to those who come after me. The word “Balkan” means mountainous. This being the case, this terminology exists in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Romania, in some parts of Western Thrace, and in Anatolia. In fact, Atatürk’s calling the Kurds mountainous Kurds is not trivial, it has been associated with it. For example, as in Karabakh. Being mountainous, mountainous, even in Azerbaijan, there is a very small ethnic group known as the Mountaineers, it is a name we give to the people who do not descend to the plains.

Listener – Doesn’t Mustafa Kemal Atatürk himself go back and say that the Ottoman Empire was a great state, while he was designing and describing the faults and redundancies with the experiences he gained by living in those events? Namely, I know Atatürk as a person who opposes all the gains of the Ottoman Empire, or he was imposed on us.

Kamil Veli Nerimanoğlu – Atatürk was never like that. The first ten years of the Republic were the founding period, it was a heavy period. Inevitably, some things have to break and revolutions have to happen. But of course, neither Atatürk nor any of the state officials accepted by him are against the Ottomans. And as a culture, as a tradition, as a nation, we are the continuation of the Ottoman Empire. Atatürk means not only Turkey, but also Turkic Republics and Turkish communities, that is, the Turkish world, what a friend calls Turkistan – the place where Turks live. He has taken into account all Turkeli or Turkistan traditions under those conditions. I think it is mostly the opinion of current politicians, dissidents and dislikers. They try to make a comparison of the Ottoman-Turkish Republic, this is not true.


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