Not Hellenic, Luwian

Bilge Umar states that the origin of the word Lygos is derived from the Luwian word “Lu” which means light, twinkle, its successor Lycian language has similarities with the Latin word “Lux-light”, and that the sun shine is the most beautiful on the Bayrampaşa Stream near the Golden Horn/Haliç in antiquity. He says that his name is Lykos. Probably, the name Lygos was used for the settlement at the tip of the peninsula before the settlement of the Hellenes from Megara.

B.C. We know that the name of the city, which was formed after the colonists formed a new settlement around 660, was Byzantion. Although the name Byzantion is mostly thought to be a Hellenic name, recent studies show that this name is also of Luwian origin. This name must have been derived from the word Buzanda (Byzanta in Hellenic spelling) by adding the suffix “-ion”, which means “place” in Hellenic language.

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