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Greater concept (countries, regions)

Greater Middle East

The Greater Middle East, is a political term, introduced in March 2004 in a paper by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace as part of the U.S. administration’s preparatory work for the Group of Eight summit of June 2004, denoting a vaguely defined region called the “Arab world” together with Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Turkey, and several other countries.

The paper presented a proposal for sweeping change in the way the West deals with the Middle East and North Africa. Previously, by Adam Garfinkle of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, the Greater Middle East had been defined as the MENA region together with Central Asia and the Caucasus.

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Greater China

Greater China is an informal geographical area that shares commercial and cultural ties with the Han Chinese people, The notion of “Greater China” refers to the area that usually encompasses Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan in East Asia, places where the majority are culturally and ethnically Han Chinese.

Some analysts may also include places which have predominantly ethnic Chinese population such as Singapore. The term can be generalised to encompass “linkages among regional Chinese communities”.

NationStates | Dispatch | The People's Greater Meritocratic Republic of China [WIP]

Greater Turkey

I would like to share my thoughts on the concept of “Great Turkey” with you. The concept of “Great Turkey” was used for the first time in our country by one of the politicians, Süleyman Demirel. He also has a book titled “Great Turkey”. He always described Turkey as great. When we look at today, can we describe Turkey as great, this is a question mark. In the concept of “Great Turkey” that Süleyman Bey meant, he was talking about Turkey with a large industry, he was talking about a Turkey with a self-sufficient agriculture. In the pre-1980 period, the word industrialization was a key concept in Turkey’s agenda, and Turkey’s agriculture was self-sufficient. Can we see them today?

Also, in the 1990s, another great one began to be mentioned. But it was Clinton America that described it as great, and Greater China brought up the concept of “Greater China”. Now, by Greater China here, he meant the Chinese residing in that region of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, and South East Asia in countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. We see this greatness as real today. China is now “Greater China”, “Greater China”.

After the Bush administration, which took over the United States in the 2000s, America abandoned this concept. This concept was only relevant with Clinton. Now China buys energy in yuan, abandons the US dollar, implements the silk road, then China is great.

When we look back at Turkey now, for Turkey to be great, it must be as inclusive as China. What is meant by inclusiveness, how will “Great Turkey” be filled? In other words, I am talking about being like China, being in an influential position in the world. What I can see here as “Great Turkey” is Asia, India, Iran, Turkistan, where it took place for thousands of years in countries where history has a legacy, then the Mughal Empire in India, the 3 continents where the Ottoman Empire is the legacy, Greater Asia, Africa, and Europe. The first state known as Turkey today, the State of Turkey, was established in Egypt. Great Turkey covers the borders of the Muslim world. It is not only the borders of the National Pact today, it covers the borders of all Muslim countries and countries where we have historical depth. My point of view is like this.


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