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Great Scholar: Mehmet Genç (1934-2021)

There are very valuable Turks one by one. But I don’t think a social group that acts collectively with knowledge motivation has yet been formed. But it will happen, otherwise we cannot live in this world.

I said I only saw Barkan as a scientist, but I did not see him after that. A group whose job is knowledge should be formed, this still does not exist.

It is very difficult for our current social structure to put forward an original thought. 

If a person really wants knowledge, he can only reach it. Barkan was like that, it consisted of living with the subject he researched day and night.

Barkan did not have any other concern other than science. In order to ask for knowledge, it is necessary to really agree with him, to be a bad science.

Barkan was like that, he was a researcher who wanted to know what he didn’t know with his own effort. He worked day and night for her.

It is necessary to walk around the borders of knowledge, like a raider, towards the unknown…



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