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Great Actor of Humor and Emotion: Şener Şen

In an interview with him on a TV channel, Şener Şen explains how he became an actor:

‘People may think: My father is Ali Şen and they may believe because he encouraged me to act. But this is not real. I had very good relations with my father. We used to talk about many topics. But we never talked about acting. My father never said my son be a theater actor, never a movie actor. He left me alone. May God have mercy on him, he was neither a support nor a hindrance. I became an actor by my own effort, struggling and learning.’

Giovanni Scognamillo describes his indefatigable energetic work in these words:

“He is active in his works, almost plays tricks when he is excited, goes into fits, goes mad, throws himself to the ground, jumps, jumps, runs; When he gets into a fight, it’s hard to suppress him and some of his actions and reactions are full of surprises. He is a cute and friendly turkey at the same time, he seizes opportunities, creates opportunities and knows how to take advantage of them. But when he smiles, he knows how to save himself.”

The great actor Şener Şen carefully reads the scenarios that come to him and makes his choice accordingly. His basic idea is to make a concise film. On this subject, his teacher Yavuz Turgul says the following about him:

“One of the best things about Şener is that he wants to shoot a small number of films. Because if he made a large number of films, he would have had the misfortune of repeating himself in an environment that was not vehement about it. When I look at Şener as an actor, I see this – I think they may be wrong, of course… Şener Şen draws an image closer to the east if you separate the east and the west with a line,” says Yavuz Turgul. 

Şener Şen says;
It takes a long time for a name to be learned by the public. The public is interesting, that is, the most ruthless critic. Your name is learned gradually. And then he doesn’t forget.
A good director can create a good actor from even a bad actor, and polish it with editing and short-plan skills. The rest is finance.
Every fan of cinema will taste criticism one day.


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