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Europe Born Turkish Scholars: Bosnia

Aliya İzzetbegoviç Bosanski Samac Philosopher, Statesman
Ferruh Başağa Saraybosna Artist, Painter
Hersekli Arif Hikmet Mostar Divan Poet, Writer
Hoca Mehmed Kadri Nasıh Efendi Hersek Youngturk, Journalist, Writer
Matrakçı Nasuh Saraybosna miniature painter
Mehmet Nergisi Saraybosna Divan Literature Writer, Kadi
Sabit Uziçe Divan Poet
Sakallı Celal Bey Bosna Thinker, Philosopher
Tacida Hafız Saraybosna Professor of Turkish Literature
Zeynep Fadıllıoğlu Designer


Turkishness is not an ethnical category.  While everyone who is Muslim in the Balkans defines himself as Turkish, everyone who is Ottoman in the Americas is referred to as El Turco!

A Bosnian praying in front of Damat Ali Pasha Tomb in Belgrade says “I am a Turk, alhamdulillah, I am a Muslim, alhamdulillah”. While importance is given to common thoughts and common cultures in the Balkans, finding solutions to issues with a soft and tolerant perspective seems to be the most important attitude.



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