Ebu Hanife

Abu Hanifa (699-767): (grandfathers of Uzbekistan) Kufa 699, Mecca, Baghdad (prison) 767: Islamic theologian (theologian) and legal scholar (faqih). Mesopotamia Kufa Iraq. “If what I don’t know was under my feet, my head would touch the highest floor of the sky. “His grandfather is from Tirmidhi, Uzbekistan, his lineage went to Iraq.

Imam-i Azam Abu Hanifa, 699 -767

He is the founder of the Hanafi school. He is from Khorasan Turks. He has combined the mind and faith.

Northern Islam (Hanafi) line

Turkistan (Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan),
Egypt (some regions),
North of the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Jordan),
Indian subcontinent (in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan),
In China’s Xinjiang Uyghur province,
It became widespread in the Caucasus, and a large map emerged.
With Maturidiism (844-944), the aspect of belief deepened.

The Hanafi school is the largest of the four Sunni schools in terms of population. Its followers make up about 56% of the entire Islamic world.

Mission: Faith and Reason
Vision: Hanafism

“If what I don’t know was under my feet, my head would be worth the highest floor of the sky.”

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