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Cyprus on the Crossroads.

Ardan Zentürk – 1192 Cyprus-Afrin Line. Coming to 2018. What is this line? Let me learn about it first. I have a similar feeling too. Please.

Levent Ağaoğlu – Now, sir, 1192 is the date of the Crusaders’ departure to Cyprus. In fact, a new century began on January 20. The century that started with our arrival in Afrin is the century of Afrasia. African-Asian.

Ardan Zentürk – You say Afrasia in the book too. You don’t say Eurasia. Africa-Asia

Levent Ağaoğlu – Yes, because we created this issue together with our mutual friend Ahmet Kot Bey. Asia is Greater Asia , and Europe is already in that huge continent, Greater Asia. Europe has isolated itself as a separate civilization. It has drawn its borders, closed it. We also say; There is no such thing, it is the great Asia that exists as a continent. And it is in transit with Africa.

Ardan Zentürk – And you say that Cyprus has always been a seal.

Levent Ağaoğlu – There is Asia Minor in the north of Cyprus , there is Greater Asia in the east . To the south is Africa. What is Cyprus, what is the Mediterranean ? Mediterranean means the middle of the world.

Ardan Zentürk – Now it is an area where cultures are blended.

Levent Ağaoğlu – Exactly. And the center of this Mediterranean is also the center of the middle of the world, the Eastern Mediterranean, namely Cyprus .


Ardan Zentürk – No matter what we’ve done since 1974, we couldn’t help them.

Levent Ağaoğlu – Exactly because Westerners and Americans have a say. I heard it from my teacher Hasan Köni. “Might is right”. Power is right. If you are strong, you are right. I will give an example; The island of Cyprus was leased to England by us in 1878 . Hong Kong in 1898part of the island of Kowloon or the New Territories area was leased to England by the Chinese Empire. A century later, on July 2 (I stayed in Hong Kong for 4.5 years) in 1997, England handed over their rightful field to China. Unfortunately, we do not know this fact in the Turkish public, we are not told about it. England did not just hand over the area it rented, it also handed over the area that was its own. Negotiations were held for 13 years between 1984-97. What the People’s Republic of China said, “Might is Right,” said, “I am strong, I will take my right.”

Now let’s go back to Cyprus. We rented Cyprus in 1878 . And in 1914 , England said, I occupied this place. Cyprus left us in the 1923 Treaty of Lausanne . Now this is very significant, very important.

Ardan Zentürk – Now we got it back in 1974 . I will come to Afrin as well. A subject that I have been working on in this book of yours is the Added War. In other words, you attach great importance to the Added War, which Atatürk waged with great success on the Afrin Azez Line.

Levent Ağaoğlu – Atatürk started Kuvay-ı Milliye in Katma . Launched at Added Station. The idea of ​​Kuvay-ı Milliye came to Atatürk’s mind in Afrin. We live in such an interesting period that; Cyprus and Afrin have great relations. That war started in Afrin. The National Forces understanding of the War of Independence was formed in Atatürk’s mind there.

Ardan Zentürk – One of our historians sent me a book and one of the organizations of the first Kuvay-ı Milliye was established in Al Bab. Interesting.

Levent Ağaoğlu – El Bab also means Greater Asia, that is, BAB, not BOP. It is the gateway to Greater Asia. Atatürk, on September 1, 1922, this is very important, he gives his ingenious order that we all know. “Your first target is the Mediterranean. Further!”.What is meant, proceed from Afyon to Izmir and pour the enemy into the sea. That sea is not the sea Aegean, our labels with the words Aegean need to change. Mediterranean is a Turkish word. such as Mediterranean-sea, Black-sea, Red-sea; white, black, red, these are all words that have deep meanings in Turkish culture. Aegean is not a Turkish word, it is the ancient Greek understanding and terminology. The first order given to us by our leader Atatürk, the first target, is the Mediterranean. The year is 1922. Now we come to 2018, we are talking about Cyprus again, we are talking about the Mediterranean. How was Atatürk’s first goal achieved?   Hatay , Cyprus, Afrin where all of these are in the Mediterranean.

Ardan Zentürk – There is a lot of information about Mustafa Kemal’s Cyprus studies in this book, which you now attach great importance to Cyprus. There is no need to explain Hatay anyway. Tengir Şengir, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the time, has a word for the French: “For now, we leave Afrin to you. But one day the children of this country will take it.” said. For some reason, we do not write this in the history books. So this is a line.

Levent Ağaoğlu –.Ağaoğlu – At the same time, that line is what line, the Mediterranean-New Mediterranean line. Where is the new Mediterranean , have we ever asked ourselves this question? ” Pacific” . Here Cyprus pretends to signal, that Silk Road‘Stop. Let’s do this kind of thing. The West has based its whole understanding on mythologies. Pegasus says, all brands are mythological things. Let’s write our own history, make our labels. On the Silk Road line, Afrin, that is, the Pacific Sea, is our way to reach the Pacific at one end of Asia. Cyprus is his guarantee. Cyprus is with us. It is the way out to the Pacific. Why the Mediterranean is the “New Mediterranean”, let me explain it very briefly. Because in the Mediterranean, trade has been carried out between the ports, where interactions have taken place for all those millennia. The same trades, the same industries, the same interactions are now taking place between Japan’s Osaka Port, Tokyo Port, China’s ports, Taiwan’s and Thailand’s ports. There is a great economic dynamism there. It is being re-established in the Old Mediterranean and the New Mediterranean. We Turks, as Nazım Hikmet says in his poem;We came “galloping from Far Asia”, Far Asia. “Longing into the Mediterranean like a mare’s head” is what Atatürk meant as his first goal. He says that the mare’s head, that is, the Mediterranean borders of the Anatolian peninsula, those sea borders, will all belong to us, there will not be a patch in it, there will be no part to be given to the enemy.

Ardan Zentürk – When you look at the Treaty of Sèvres, there is no such thing as Turkey.

Levent Ağaoğlu – He is the one Atatürk did not accept. Let’s know this, so we will not talk about “peace at home, peace in the world”, we will talk about the first goal. What is the first target? Atatürk’s ingenious strategic foresight, we will know. This is a prediction that covers the next centuries.

Ardan Zentürk – Enes Demir also has studies on the Cyprus-Afrin line. A very supported work, I recommend, get in touch with him as well. A young historian. It’s very enjoyable.

Levent Ağaoğlu – I know Enes Bey, his book was published by the same publishing house. Very interesting.

Ardan Zentürk – Civil researchers like you started to emerge; Is this the starting point of the tutelage period we lived between 1946 and 2016?

Levent Ağaoğlu – So I call that period, there is a replica of it in our history. 1946-2016 was a period of arrest. What period of arrest? It was a period like Gaza. It is a period like Gaza detention, let’s know that. Bilge TonyukukWe’ll go to then. To our own history. We will not only talk about the Ottoman Empire, but also about Göktürk. What’s going on in Göktürk A struggle takes place in that seventy-year period in 646-716. Look at the result of that struggle, in the 62-line first line of the Wise Tonyukuk Inscription, Tonyukuk says; “We used to live in China” line 1 and line 62 “Turkish people live happily now”. That struggle is told in 62 lines. And there, Bilge Tonyukuk, who was not written in the inscription but was in the Chinese records, said to Bilge Kagan, “Our strength is one percent against China, we should know this and act in confidence.” Us Against America has, he has, there are going to leave now. Against us was a China where we had 1% power. With the wisdom of wise Tonyukuk, we came out free.

Source: Moderator Night Program with Ardan Zentürk, 22 May 2018, Channel 24

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