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Cultural Route Developments in Turkey


Our home is a huge country, with thousands of years of history, wild and beautiful scenery and friendly and hospitable people. Our members are working to open the maze of old roads and trails in the countryside, and combine them into long-distance cultural routes and clusters of day-walks.

The Culture Routes Society

Turkey’s Culture Routes Society was established in July 2012 in order to protect Turkey’s existing culture routes, to promote the establishment of new routes, and to set best-practice standards for their development.  As defined in the Society’s constitution, a culture route is a sustainable route or combination of routes following a historical, cultural or natural theme.

Our routes are aimed at walkers, cyclists or horse-riders.

We see the routes as a means of deepening cultural understanding-both for city Turks, who are increasingly distanced from their rural past, and for international visitors who want to have greater insight into Turkey’s rural culture.



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