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Çorbaci in the Balkans Turkey, Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria

Srdjan Susic MRSB
In Southern Serbia, in Bulgaria and North Macedonia – they still use the archaic word “čorbadžija” for a well off man.
In the Balkans soup (supa) is thin, like a broth. But čorba – thick, creamy and luscious.



I guess: soup is empty, so for poor people. On the other hand, çorba (in Serbian: čorba) is version of soup with lot of meat and vegetable, therefore richer than regular soup.
Tweeti Alıntıla
Levent Ağaoğlu @agaoglulevent
Yes, Çorbacı is used for rich persons in colloquical Turkish. I don’t know the reason between çorba and richness anyway.
I remember very well my father who had born in Plovdiv Bulgaria and immigrated to Istanbul before 2ndWW always calling his well of friends as Çorbacı.

Nektaria Anastasiadou

Istanbul Greek Idiom #223: Σούπα/súpa (< Venetian supa < French soupe) in Central Greek and also τσορμπάς/tsorbás (< Turkish çorba) in Istanbul Greek. A τσορμπατζής/tsorbadzís (literally soup maker) is a wealthy person in Central Greek and a community leader in Istanbul Greek.




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