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Cilicia: Antique Regions&Civilisations in Turkey




Temple to Church: The Transformation of Religious Sites from Pagansim to Christianity in Cilicia (English and Turkish Edition)
Turkish Edition | by H. Elton, E. Equini-Schneider, et al. | Dec 31, 2007

Travel Into Yesterday : An Account Of Archaeological Journeying Through The Plain And The Rough Places Of The Roman Province Of Cilicia, In Southern Turkey
by Mary Gough | Jan 1, 1954

The Travels of Certaine Englishmen Into Africa, Asia, Troy, Bythinia, Thracia, and to the Blacke Sea. And Into Syria, Cilicia, Pisidia, Mesopotamia, … in … 1600, and by Some of Them Finished…
by Theophilus Lavender and William Active 1600 Biddulph | Sep 10, 2021

Life in Asiatic Turkey. A journal of travel in Cilicia-Pedias and Trachœa-Isauria, and parts of Lycaonia and Cappadocia … Map and illustrations, … drawings by the author and Mr. Ancketill.
by Edwin John Davis | Mar 17, 2011

Lares and Penates: Or, Cilicia and its Governors; Being a Short Historical Account of That Province From the Earliest Times to the Present day ..
by William Burckhardt Barker and William Francis Ainsworth | Feb 4, 2018

Alexander’s path: from Caria to Cilicia
by Freya STARK | Jan 1, 1984

The trauels of foure English men and preacher into Africa, Asia, Troy, Bythinia, Thracia, the Blacke Sea and Syria, Cilicia, Pisidia, Mesopotamia, … Iericho, and to the Red Sea. (1612)
by Theophilus Lavender | Jul 13, 2010

Life in Asiatic Turkey: A journey of travel in Cilicia (Pedias and Trachaea), Isauria, and parts of Lycaonia and Cappadocia
by E. J Davis | Jan 1, 1879

The Plain of Saints and Prophets: The Nusayri-Alawi Community of Cilicia (Southern Turkey) and its Sacred Places
by Stephan Prochazka and Gisela ProchazkaEisl | Dec 31, 2010

Provincial Cilicia and the Archaeology of Temple Conversion (BAR International Series)
by Richard Bayliss | Sep 15, 2004




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