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Çatalhöyük in Turkey founded the first city in the world.


by Tekin Sönmez

Humanity, memory and Çatalhöyük.

Çatalhöyük in Turkey, Konya Çumra.

Ladies gentlemen …

This place is the archology museum of Konya.

History and Çatalhöyük.

Çatalhöyük founded the first city in the world.

About five thousand people lived together in Çatalhöyük.

The street in this city, there was no street.

There was no windows and doors in the houses.

Here barley, chickpeas, pea production began.
Here sheep, goats, cows were evolved.

Here the bull’s cult was formed.

The bull mountains start here.

Extends to the east, Kars and Rrzurum cities.

These mountains are called Taurus Mountains.

Toro, Taurus Latin Bull, Meaning bulls.

Turkish Bull Mountains get the name of these (Boğa) mountains.

It starts close to Konya this mountain chain.

The Çatalhöyük human has made the bull hunt on this mountain skirts.

Bull’s cultured in Çatalhöyük.

A strong animal of the bull.

It was a symbol of bull breeding and the symbol of blessings in the Çatalhöyük.

The name of the Taurus Mountains therefore was given there.

There were obisidian resources on these mountain skirts.

The Çatalhöyük man has obsidian knife, arrow and cutting tools.

Obsidian trade started here.

These were eight eight years ago.

There are other higherds, tumulas around Konya.

This civilization developed with mudbrick houses civilization.

Turkey is the earthquake zone.

Volcanoes were in the prehistoric in Turkey.

The mudbrick house is destroyed in earthquakes.

Anatolia, Turkey today Turkey tenderrent to the history of people living in homes.

Two root languages appeared in Çatalhöyük.

Celtic and Turkish.

The fonetolic structure, the tongue board on sound science, the word, sentence developed in Çatalhöyük.

In front Turkish Anatolia, Konya has settled in the environment and headed Eastern Anatolia.

Celtic has passed Thrace from the North of Istanbul to Trakya to Europe.

Thus two stem tongues have occurred.

European languages appeared from Celtic.

This language to the east of Turkey has created other Turkish languages.

Turkish has a glazed epic of Sumer nail writing narrative.

The Gılgamış epic tells Ur, Uruk, Urfa cities and other cities starting with Er…

For example, er, Erzurum, like er, Ermenek er, Erzincan..

Er means the city in Sumerian

As a result eight vocals are based on eight sounds in Turkish.

The Çatalhöyük is in the soils that two root tongues for ten thousans years ego.

Tekin Sönmez
Today 08 October 2021 Konya, Türkiye.

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