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Great Turkish Sages with roots in Bulgaria

The center of Rumelia Governorate was Sofia, and Edirne was very close. Probably for this reason, the Ottoman view of Bulgaria was different. Therefore, our human material there was also well trained, their hearts and minds were working with and for the state. Because of this, strong thinkers of Bulgarian origin were brought up.
Each of these thinkers is a Sage; Wise Visionaries.
The tradition of Wisdom, which started with Tonyukuk, continued with our great thinkers in the land and lands of Sofia. Only Ahmed Cevdet and Süheyl Ünver is a school of thought more than the sum of universities and academies.
  • Suheyl Unver, Istanbul *
  • Ahmed of Plovdiv, Plovdiv
  • Turker Acaroglu, Razgrad
  • Bilal Şimşir, Osmanpazari
  • Ahmed Cevdet Pasha, Lofca
  • Demirci Baba, Razgrad
  • Halit Dener, Plovdiv
  • Fatma Aliye, Istanbul **
  • İsmail Fenni Ertuğrul, Tarnova
  • Ismail Hakki Bursavi, Aydos
  • İsmail Hakkı Tonguç, Silistra
  • Kenan Rifai Büyükaksoy, Thessaloniki ***
  • Melih Cevdet Anday, (grandfather from Shumen)
  • Pertev Naili Boratav, Daridere
  • Tahsin Ozguc, Kardzhali
  • Omer Lutfu Barkan, Edirne ****
  • Mithat Pasha (his grandfather Mehmed Eşref Efendi from Ruse, from the Ulema class)
* (His father is Mustafa Enver Bey from Tırnova, Director of the Istanbul General Directorate of Communications of the Post and Telegraph Ministry, and his grandfather is Daizade Hacı Mehmet Efendi, who is engaged in trade from the notables of Tırnova and occasionally paints.)
** (Ahmed Cevdet Pasha, whose father was born in Lofça)
*** (his father, Abdülhalim Bey, son of Hacı Hasan Bey from Plovdiv)
**** He is the son of former Zagralı İsmail Efendi and Gülsüm Hanım. He was born in 1902 in Edirne.
Their common feature is that they are giants in their fields.
Founding firsts..
High levels of productivity and incredible productivity all have in common.

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