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Bülent Ağaoğlu, Bibliographer

1958 Researcher-reviewer, writer, bibliographer, newspaper information center manager, operator. Married. Father of a daughter.

About: Kozak, Nazmi (2017). Bülent Ağaoğlu: A Knight of the End Times. Anatolia: Journal of Tourism Research, Vol 28, Issue 1, Spring: 153 – 186. https://docplayer.biz.tr/56687106-Bulent-agaoglu-bir-ahir-zaman-sovalyesi.html


Located in Fatih district of Istanbul He was born in Vakıf Gureba Hospital, lived on Mutemet Sokak for 7 years. His father was born in Plovdiv (1928-1997) and his mother in Skopje (1936- ). He grew up under the influence of Rumelian culture. Fatih’s historical artifacts, famous state, science, culture, art etc. It was very influenced by the fact that it is a district where famous people live in areas. He graduated from Atikali Primary School, Şehremini High School (1975), and Marmara University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Public Administration (1980). He completed his master’s degree in Tourism Management at Hacettepe University. (1981-1984).

Read more: https://bulentagaoglu.blogspot.com/2019/10/bulent-agaoglu-ozgecmis_22.html

Areas of Interest BIBTA Turkey’s Bibliography Database, Bibliography, Creativity, Developing thought-suggestion, Method (Thoughts / Generating different ideas; Evaluation of thoughts, opinions, text (text)), Unquestioned memorizations, Short, concise and easy-to-understand text writing , Information databases, Information resources, Information services, Inventions, Savings, Waste, Recycling. Building reinforcement, Istanbul possible major earthquake, Practical conveniences in daily life.

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