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Bosnian Hüsrev Pasha Tomb, Fatih, Istanbul

After Bıyıklı Mehmed Pasha, Karaman governor, Bosnian Hüsrev Pasha was appointed to Diyarbakır governorship. Hüsrev Pasha, originally from Bosnian, Sokollu family, assumed the duty of Diyarbekir governorship until 935/1528.

Hüsrev Pasha became the governor of Aleppo in 938, the governor of Egypt in 941, and the second dome vizier of Kanuni in 943. He died in 952/1545 and was buried in Fatih-Bali Pasha, in Istanbul, in the cesim tomb, which was the work of Mimar Sinan.

Hüsrev Pasha has a mosque, a madrasah and an inn in Diyarbakır, and a mosque in Aleppo.
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