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Books by Irakli Kakabadze, Georgian Writer Living in Istanbul…



Iskander Baltazar Kirmiz is the pseudonym of the young writer Irakli Kakabadze. Over a cup of strong black tea, the author tells about the black and white sides of life: 30-year-old men still tied to their mums’ apron strings, the tradition of going to public baths, the old red tram in Istanbul, Turks living someone else’s lives, Turks that are given only one life by Allah, the life most of them waste in idle chats, natter and gossip.


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You are holding a novel in which the line between escaping death and escaping death has become blurred. The Exodus Book focuses on the story of the people who were caught in the middle of the war in Abkhazia, Georgia, which resulted in ethnic cleansing of the Georgians in the early 1990s, and who could not leave their homeland.

Iaki Kaaba drags the reader into the middle of this war that he went through when he was a small child, and brings them face to face with people whose houses were bombed, who were walking around hungry and who could not bury their dead.

EXIT BOOK Iaki Kaber ÇEV: Parna-Beka Chilashvili DEDALUS

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