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Belt and Road

They say “One Belt, One Road.” Now it was called Silkroad and Chinese president Xi Jinping makes the name “belt and road”. So he sold this world as American capitalism globalization. Now, China has changed the name of the historical Silk Road to “Belt and Road Project”. What’s the belt, what’s the way? After that, I saw that they combined the silk and spice road from India to the bottom, there is something they want to do now. Making you forget the Silk Road. You mentioned it very well. You called it the Turkish generation. Now we need to be aware of this. While using the Silk Road, we must also use the “Turkish belt”.

In other words, the plans of America and Russia are not innocent, what China wants to do with its “belt and road project” is like Marshall Aid, there are 65 countries involved, we need to wake up. Just as there were American volunteers or now there will be Chinese volunteers, we will see them, they will speak on behalf of China, we need to know this very well. We need to know when it is narrow;

You have strategically described the Turkish generation as a harpoon. I exactly agree with your views. You became a Mehmet Akif, you really expressed this business as a flag player. We have two exits from here. Why did America start the trade war in 2018? I stayed in Hong Kong for 5 years. Mao died in 1976, and in 1978 China launched a 50-year plan. The name of the 50-year plan is world domination. So in 2028 I am Congoyum, the world center country. The name they gave to America, namely America in China (1:27:10) ??? is a beautiful country. It is the country that is emulated. So they will be an America.

We have two exits, one Turkish generation, two barters. Britain followed a free trade in the world, and they pressed us with an agreement in 1838. America has applied the theory of domination. In other words, business at the table has digested Japan with agreements, and now it will digest China. Can we run the barter model on the Turkish generation here? Open newspapers are written out of dollars everywhere. We know how to get out of this and America is applying the barter model perfectly in its own country. But if he’s out of the world, he doesn’t want a barter. Because barter mean to say I’m out of money, no money, no business interest does not mean that we now can we, as Turkey bearer of this work? namely China, starting from a barter model generation Turks, India, Russia, Turkestan, can we apply it in Turkey? I want to ask this specifically.


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