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Europe: Turkology and the Germans

1- ITStrahlenberg (Swedish of German origin)

2- DG Messerschmidt (Russian of German origin)

3- EM Klements (Russian of German origin)

4- W. Radloff (Russian of German origin)

5- DAKlements (russian of german origin)

The above scientists who analyzed the Orkhon Inscriptions, which are the root of our Ancient Knowledge, in terms of archeology and linguistics, are all of German origin.

The Asian Excavations were initiated by the Russians in the 18th century. Archaeologists are always of German origin.

After the discovery of the Tonyukuk Monument in 1897, the first publication was made in Russia in 1899. Russian Archeology is the work of the modernizer Peter, and the first publication on Tonyukuk is St. Published in St. Petersburg. The modernizing new Turkish state, on the other hand, published its first publication about Tonyukuk almost a century later.

Turcology, which became disciplined through German-origin Russians, is actually the thought of Peter the Great. It is a preliminary preparation for the Russification of Siberia.

In this sense, it is necessary to compare the modernizations of Peter the Great and Mahmud II.

Peter the Great also worked as an undercover worker in German shipyards and also did industrial intelligence.

Why didn’t the Ottoman Dynasty acquire such missions?
There are loads of questions that come to mind.

It is necessary to compare Russian and Ottoman modernizations.

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