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As Turkey Exports Cross the Great Wall of China: China and Innovative Markets

15 years ago, Istanbul was not like Hong Kong at all, it is very similar now, shopping malls, consumer society.  Hong Kong serves three continents: Asia, America, Australia. Istanbul also serves three continents: Europe, Asia, Africa,

The Chinese started their Istanbul flights on 8.8.1998.

An important similarity between Hong Kong and Istanbul is related to HUMAN VALUE: -An important part of Hong Kong’s population is composed of Shanghainese refugees who fled Shanghai with the entry of Mao’s Red Army and kidnapped their capital. – Istanbul also became rich with immigrants from Rumelia (Bulgaria, Yugoslavia) and immigrants from Greece. – Refugee psychology and the traumas they have experienced have connected people to life more and have led them to be more hardworking and productive in their work.

• Contrary to popular belief, the highest price in exports to 50 countries is in the Chinese market

• I learned Mandarin Chinese to localize in a global market,
• I worked directly with customers to be “Facing the Market”,
• I used a Chinese name (Ai Li Min-people who likes public service),
• Corporate In order to strengthen the identity and not restrict our product range, I changed the name of the company used as International Glass to Şişecam China, I used the Chinese name Cinşan (Gold). On Export Roads… 1989, Guangdong, China
• I searched and found the big glassware importers from China , they were five fingers of one hand; I sold Paşabahçe products to all of them.

• I created a Chinese web page,

• Although I am from Şişecam Chemistry group, I have achieved great increases in Paşabahçe’s exports to China. • I attended the leather fair in China (Shanghai), the glassware fair in Hong Kong, • prepared the China Marketing Plan for the Chemicals group and Paşabahçe. • I sent Chinese chemical and glassware customers to Istanbul  Tankrom: The adventure that started with 100 tons of export to China in 1987 has increased to 50,000 tons today. The Tankrom brand, which was predicted to be bankrupt by its competitors, became the world leader in exports.

Culture difference
When I went to the showroom opening of my Chinese client, I was very surprised when the host, Mr. Ng, plucked and ate the first piece (as a thigh) from the whole chicken brought to the middle, in an environment full of guests.
When I asked my Chinese secretary why, he said that the chicken is a symbol of fertility and that he ate the first meal in accordance with his faith, so that his office would bring abundance.

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