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Artificial Intelligence / Wisdom Aphorisms by Turkish Polymath: Prof Ismail Hakki Aydin

Artificial intelligence can be anything but not intellectual!
Humanity must be prepared for artificial intelligence to take control!
“Artificial intelligence” hears, understands, thinks, speaks and works with numbers instead of classical logic!

The better we understand the brain, the more perfect it is possible for us to write and implement artificial intelligence algorithms!

Assassinations are now contracted to artificial intelligence!
Artificial intelligence may one day be a manager.
Ministries and state administration can be tendered to them!

Artificial intelligence can be anything,
He can’t be “human”!
Has humanity been able to…

Artificial intelligence can read our thoughts by analyzing the frequencies of our brains and take action accordingly.

Artificial intelligence and “spirit” do not come together!

Artificial intelligence, with an algorithm and expressed in mathematics
imitates everything that can be done, every emotion and feeling!

Artificial intelligence and quantum technologies should make it necessary to re-determine the concepts and principles of ethics, morality and law on a universal scale. Otherwise, the journey to the very dangerous unknown with no return begins!

Internet of things, artificial intelligence and digital data bankers
(!), will keep everything under surveillance, the universe and
will shape our behavior.

“Artificial intelligence” now also has a “digital identity”!

In some respects, artificial intelligence
can make more accurate decisions algorithmically than humans!

Rather than the horror of artificial intelligence dominating life, humanity abusing artificial intelligence is more dangerous!

Now semiology is very easy with artificial intelligence.

..The camera and microphone systems of artificial intelligence can be infiltrated for cyber espionage and technical monitoring, manipulated remotely by cyber assassins and turned into a serial killer!

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