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Anatolia and Armenians by Turkish Scholar Şevket Dönmez

Anatolia and Armenians. Great Exodus of the Halys Basin Iron Age community to the Eastern Anatolian Plateau.= Anadolu ve Ermeniler. Kizilirmak Havzasi Demir Çagi toplumunun Dogu Anadolu Yaylasi’na Büyük Göçü.


Published by Anadolu Öntarih Yayinlari, Istanbul, 2016

ISBN 10: 6058371805ISBN 13: 9786058371804

Archaeology is a learning process. The recent systematic archaeological excavations in Anatolia started transforming the history of the land we a re living in from myth to reality. Protohistory, contrary to popular belief, is not a general historical concept with a clear start and a clear ending.
Which means Protohistory did not started and ended in a specific period. Neolithic , Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age a re the Protohistory of the Hittites; just as the Early Iron Age is the Protohistory of the Phrygians and Urartians.





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