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Ali Gevgilili (1938-2018): Great Turkish Columnist&Journalist

The Thinker of Thinkers
During my university education, which started in the mid-1970s, I prepared a bibliography by scanning the newspaper collections of the Beyazıt State Library in 1982, as a result of the positive contributions made by the Thinkers Forum, which was published on Sundays in the Milliyet newspaper and which I constantly followed; Publishing is blessed today.
Prof. Ümit Doğanay, one of the thinkers of the forums, was my teacher from the History of the Turkish Revolution at İİTIA Şişli Political Sciences High School, he fell victim to a political murder, Assoc. Dr.Server Tanilli was shot and mutilated. prof. Melih Tümer was arrested for his ideas. This was the painful fate of thoughts and thinkers.
The Forum of Thinkers, which was first published in Milliyet newspaper on February 9, 1969, by Ali Gevgilili, one of the rare journalist thinkers of our country, to open the way for development by activating the “Power of Thought”, the most genuine power in life, was published for 453 weeks in 11 years and voiced the thoughts of 630 thinkers. The forums, which take their place in the newspaper pages every Sunday, have fulfilled a unique function in terms of displaying and consolidating the “Power of Thought” and its termination in May 1980 also had deep meanings.
The “Cultural Revolution” initiated in China in 1966 was reflected in Europe as 1968 youth movements and the winds of free thought began to blow in our country. Forum of Thinkers initiated in the aforementioned conjuncture; It served as a parenthesis between the periods of 27 May 1960 and 12 September 1980 Military Coup. Free Thought could only be tolerated for 11 years. Those who can endure are the Atlantic centers of the Civilization Beast with one tooth left.
The lies of the so-called ideals of democracy and freedom of thought of the US and British branches of the Atlantic World have been slammed into their faces by the military coups they have carried out. With the systematic and mechanics of the coups, the System produced an ideology, not an idea. Those who produce ideas were punished, and a coup d’etat was adopted every ten years. Ali Gevgilili, who directed the Thoughts of Thinkers and the Forum of Thinkers for 11 years, ended his journalism career in May 1980.
In the First Chapter; The Thinkers’ Forum Bibliography was prepared and classified according to its subjects, and its index and statistical data were created.
During our work;
• Forums are listed chronologically.
• Forums are classified according to their topics.
• An index was created in which the thinkers who participated in the forums were associated with the forums they attended.
In the second part; Ali Gevgilili, the creator of the Thinkers Forum, was evaluated as thought-oriented.
Our wish;
• Ending the limited access of the Thinkers’ Forum in the newspaper archives, and publishing each volume as soon as possible, with a plan to cover one year.
• The revival of the “Thinkers’ Forum and Thoughts” school, initiated by the Thinker Ali Gevgilili in the press of our country, is also opening the way for development by activating the Power of Thought, which is the most genuine power in life.

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