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Daly ibrahim

Baba hssen

Baba ali

Bach djerrah

Bir Mourad rais

Ousta Ouali  in Franch staouali

The big hospital of cezair is

Mustapha bacha hospital

Whose submarine?

Türk şirketi HAVELSAN, Türk STM havzalarında inşa edilmekte olan Murad Reis sınıfından 3 denizaltısının kontrol ve bilgi dağıtım sistemlerinin teslimatını tamamladı

In cezair city  we have  beladeya Murad reis

Bir Murad reis

Mourad Rais Frégate of Algerian navy  army

Same name

“Muhammed’in kanunu, akıl ve bilgelikle uyumlu olduğu için dünyada hakim olacaktır.”

Ünlü Rus yazar “Tolstoy”

tcharak cezayir kekleri özel yardım el fitr. bu kekler dışında Cezayirliler tch telaffuz etmezler ama ch bu nedenle bir Osmanlı adıdır

tcharak algerian cakes special aid el fitr. apart from this cakes the Algerians do not pronounce tch but ch it is therefore an Ottoman name not exactly a classic croissant with pastries. but a traditional Algerian cakes specific to the croissant of l thus aid the end of a lunar month, Ramadan and the beginning of the month of choual

But it’s a Turkish prononciation



Yes in Turkish çörek

In Algeria tcharak

We eat it only in aid fitr

Bourak dolma Zalabia baklaoua

It s cezair

Baklaoua of cezair


Tow city in West of Algeria have the name of hospital


Telmcen big city hospital tidjani damardji

Tiaret big city hospital Youcef damerdji


Tidjani damardji and Youcef damardji are chahid Big chahid

Damardji isca Big family in Algeria with a lot of chahid

During war

1954 1962

1500000 chahid

historically the notables of Algiers have understood that their alliance with the Barbarous brothers will be beneficial for their independence and the safeguard of their identities unlike the Moroccans who have chosen the path of the protectorat of spania

after their victory over the spanish the algerians went to give allegiance to the caliph Salim father of  soleimane they asked that it be kheirredine bey of Algiers. afterwards the sultan accepted and sent with them 500 janissaries

since kheirredine, the first bey of Algeria to this day, the Algerians have never had a king of the bey of the bacha of the agha of the dey and finally of the presidents

the adventure between the barbarous brothers and the notables of Algiers made it possible to liberate the entire algerian coast from spanish colonization but  the treachery of the moroccans that to this day the cities of sebta and millia are spanish to thisday for over 500 years.

yesterday I left to visit the village of my ancestors. I got the following information.our family whose origins go back to El Hassen son of Ali Ibn taleb radia ALLAH aleihoum. have always been on the side of kheireddine barbarous. have suffered a massacre in 1880 by France

France executed all adult men over 18 and expelled children including my great grandfather and dispossessed the whole family

It was a dark for us

now I  understand why I have so much hatred towards France and the whole occident.

all the documents concerning the properties of my family are in the archives in istanbul. i will find them in chaa ALLAH .

Mr Hattali, Algeria


How are Algerian Turks regarded in both Turkey and Algeria?

Unfortunately, most Turks will be surprised to hear there is an estimated amount of over ten million North Africans of at least partial Turkish descent as they have never heard of the Turkish community in the Maghreb.

When I came across the Wikipedia page about Turks from Algeria, I felt an immense sense of pride and belonging to them as someone who is also a Turkish person from regions outside the modern borders of Turkey, and that pride only enlarged when I read how much Turks have greatly contributed to Algeria. Matter of fact, the leader of its independence movement, aiming towards secession from France, was a Turco-Algerian.

The Turks from Algeria, and the entire Maghreb for that matter, descend from Kuloğlus who are the off-springs of local Berber women and Turkish settlers to Algeria who became part of the Ottoman elite as a result of their willingness to migrate to newly conquered regions.

What makes me happy to see are their surnames, which to this day still reflect their Turkish ancestors’ hometowns. Algerians with surnames such as Keicerli (from Kayseri), Ould Zmirli (from Izmir), Tchanderli (from Çandarlı) and many other ones, many of which listed in the Wikipedia page about Turks in Algeria, are of Turkish origin and show their bearers have at least one Turkish ancestor.

What I love most, is that these Turks can be themselves in Algeria, where they are respected and as far as I know not discriminated against. I have never heard any Turco-Algerian complain about Algeria, nor have I ever heard an Algerian talk bad about their Turkish counterparts. They are truly part of their homeland, Algeria, but if a Turco-Algerian with the surname Ould Zmirli decided to visit Izmir, my hometown, provided that I am there at the moment I would be more than happy to be his host and show him his second homeland.

Salim Halali (1920–2005), a Turco-Algerian pop singer who is very popular among North Africans and Jews to this day.

for your information, the boss of one of the Algerian intelligence services, namely the security of the army, is called general ould zmirli

He was the student of shakib arselan

the Algerian independence leader is called messali el haj an Algerian of Turkish origin was the father of the national movement. Tlemcen airport bears his name

He was the spiritual father of the liberation front of Algeria FLN

the former boss of the police is called kara an algerian of origin

my wife’s cousins ​​are khardja karadj

Big family installed in telmcen

ALN lieutenant Ali Khodja leader of the elite commando group Ali Khodja

Chahid  Algerian martyr  of Turkish origin a big man

I will arrange a file with your messages. Thank you..

Thus, today, many estimates suggest that Algerians of Turkish origin still represent up to 25% (including of partial Turkish origin) of the country’s population

Very big

Libya and Tunisia as well

I think same percentage

No only lybia an algeria

Tunisia not?

But Algeria more because in Algeria the big city in the north

In the first step andaloussia people came to the city

Turkish people were installed in the same city

City’s are

Cezair blida kolea meliana Constantine collo Annaba Tlemcen Médéa mazzouna dellys Béjaïa jijel.


Than in Algeria we have a. Lot of city in North

Big city and very old town

In cezair city we have small beladeya

The half have Turkish name

Baris Ates. February 13, 2018.Lives in The Netherlands


This is  a  Turkish doctorat thèse in 1953



This an Arabic translation  during year 1970








Türklerin düğünlerinde Cezayir hakkında söyledikleri miras şarkısı, Cezayir’in hilal gibi güzel olduğunu söylüyorlar, sokakları mermerden, gemileri düşmanları yok etmeye hazır.


In Turkish and Arabic cezayr




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