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Alphabets In Which Turkish Language Is Written Today

Arabic Semitic language family
in Latin: Indo-European language family
Cyrillic: Indo-European language family

Since Turkish from the Altaic language family is not in the same category as the above languages, problems were encountered in all applications of the alphabet except the Altaic language family; The Latin alphabet is not free from these problems.
Turks had difficulty in learning Arabic, and they could not learn French or English. ​ ​

In the past of the Turks; Alphabets (Cyrillic, Latin) within the Indo-European language family do not exist. Turks met with these alphabets in the 20th century after their defeat in the Russian-British rivalry, each other’s arch rivals.

It’s not just the old Turkish labeled as the lost ottoman; After the monumental works of the Turks written on stone, the serious works were written in Arabic alphabet with the kutadgu bilig written in Balasagun in 1070 and in Kashgar, and the dictionary written by Kasgarli Mahmut in Baghdad in 1072-1074 in Arabic.

Divani Lügat It Turkish map



  1. Latin
  2. Hellenic
  3. Cyrillic
  4. Farce
  5. Arabic

Turkic languages ​​written with the Latin alphabet

  1. Turkish (Turkey)
  2. Uzbek
  3. Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan)
  4. Turkmen
  5. Cyprus
  6. Romania
  7. Kosovo
  8. Western Yugur (China, Kansu Province)
  9. Crimean Tatar (Romania)
  10. Gagauz (Moldova; Gagauzian)

Turkic languages ​​written with the Greek alphabet

  1. Greece (Western Thrace, Islands)
  2. Greece (Karamanli; Karaman Turks)

Turkic languages ​​written in Cyrillic alphabet

  1. Ukraine
  2. Bulgaria
  3. Gagauzia (Ukraine)
  4. Macedonia
  5. Kazakh
  6. Kyrgyz
  7. Tatar (Russia)
  8. Crimean Tatar (Ukraine)
  9. Yakut(Russia)
  10. Chuvash (Russia)
  11. Bashkir (Russia)
  12. Altai (Russia)
  13. Dagestan (Russia)
  14. Kabarda (Russia)
  15. Karachay-Cherkessia (Russia)
  16. Khakassia (Russia)
  17. Tuva (Russia)

Turkic languages ​​written in Persian alphabet

  1. Azerbaijani (Iran)
  2. Kazakh (Chinese)
  3. Kyrgyz (China and Afghanistan)
  4. Kashkai (Iran)
  5. Turkmen (Iran and Afghanistan)
  6. Uzbek (China and Afghanistan)
  7. Uigur

Turkic languages ​​in which Arabic letters are used today

  1. Uyghur in China. It was written in Arabic letters in 1983, after the transition to the Latin alphabet in 1969;
  2. Kazakh: It is written in Arabic script in Pakistan, Iran, China and Afghanistan;
  3. Kyrgyz is written with Arabic letters in China.
  4. Turkmen in Iraq;
  5. Azerbaijani and other regional languages ​​in Iran;
  6. Uzbek, Turkmen and other regional languages ​​in Afghanistan;
  7. Chinese is written in the Xiao’erjing alphabet by some Hui (Muslim Chinese).
  8. Kazakh in China

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