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500 Years of Enlightenment: Turkestan and Turkey

 3 Inscriptions from the Göktürks

  • Tonyukuk,
  • Bilge Kagan,
  • Kül Tigin+

After being inherited,   many more monuments from the Karakhanids have survived.

  • Kutadgu Bilig (Knowledge of Happiness) by Yusuf Has Hacib,
  • Kasgarli Mahmud’s Divânu Lügati’t-Türk (Great Turkish Dictionary),
  • History-i Kashgar (History of Kashgar) by Imam-i Abu’l-Futuh Abdulgafur,
  • With Ahmet Yesevi’s Divan-i Wisdom
  • Edip Ahmet Yukneki’s works named Atabet’ül Hakayık (The Threshold of Truths) are the most important works of this period.

In addition, some translations of the Qur’an written during the Karakhanid period and we have, and Târîh-i Türkistan and Hıtây (now lost) presented by Mecdüddin Mehmed of Kaşgar to İbrahim Han and Mücmilü’t-Tevârih ve’l-Kısâs, whose author is unknown His works are also important works written in this period.

The works produced by the Biruni and Seljuks, especially in Khorasan, Baghdad and Anatolia, during the Ghaznavid period, are the masterpieces of the 500-year enlightenment period (700-1200).

20 Founding Thinkers:

  • Great Hun Empire: 1 (Oguz Khan)
  • Gokturks: 3 (Tonyukuk, Bilge Kagan, Kultigin)
  • Karakhanids: 3 (Kaşgarlı Mahmut, Ahmet Yesevi, Yusuf Has Hacib)
  • Ghaznavids: 1 (Biruni)
  • Umayyad/Abbasid: 1 (Abu Hanifah)
  • Abbasid: 1 (Khorezmi)
  • Samanoğulları: 1 (Maturidi)
  • Seljuks: 9 (Farabi, Ebul Hasan Herekani, İbni Sina, Nizamülmülk, Gazzali, Şeyh Edebali, Mevlana, Hacı Bektaş Veli, Yunus Emre)

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