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3G Turks in Russia

  1. İSMAİL GASPIRALI , 1851-1914, (Gasprinskiy) (20 March 1851- 24 September 1914), Crimean Tatar intellectual, educator and writer-publisher. Gaspirali is a Muslim intellectual who depicts the need for education, cultural reform and modernization of Turkish and Islamic societies in the Russian Empire. The surname comes from the city of Gaspra in the Crimea. http://kerimofftahir.blogspot.com.tr/2016/12/terciman-newspaper-numaralar-endirin.html
  2. SULTAN GALIYEV 1880-1940 Russia Elimbetova, Bashkortostan Russia Historian, Turcologist If the wind blows from the West, we should not breathe, there is something harmful to us in it, and then even in our Eurasianism, there is something that has a western imprint and must be removed.
  3. Lev Nikolayevich Gumilëv ( Russian : Лев Никола́евич Гумилёв) ( October 1,  1912 ,  Saint-Peterburg  –  June 15,  1992 ,  Saint-Peterburg ), better known as Lev Gumilëv, was a  Russian historian. He made observations  about the rise of the political and cultural movements known as Neo-Eurasianism , with unconventional ideas about the formation and dissolution of ethnic groups  .

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